Xp Just restarts-no warning!

  andyj007 10:25 22 Aug 2003

Hi guys, this has been happening to me for about a year and i just put it down to normal PC windows problems that i incurr.

Having found you guys I thought you may be able to help.

Basically complete random my pc just turns off! kebam staright off like someone pulled the plug out. It imediately starts to reboot.

any thoughts?

Eversham amd 2200 with Nvidea 4400 128mg graphics card, (i got the up to date draiver for this)

I dont have the exact specs with me but can post them later if required.



  mark500 11:05 22 Aug 2003

Go to start-settings-control panel. Open system and click the advanced tab. click startup and recovery button and untick 'automatically restart'.

  keith-236785 11:13 22 Aug 2003

sounds very much like you have the blaster worm. search your system for msblast. if you have it, post back and we will try to sort it for you.

  keith-236785 11:25 22 Aug 2003

just re-read your thread, if this has been happening for so long then i am probably wrong with what i said in my last reply,

it is possible it could be an overheating problem ie cpu fan not working, check the fan is spinning ok and if you have hardware monitoring, check the speed of the fan it might be spinning too slowly.

click here and go to the download section near the bottom of the page, download and run speed fan, this will tell you your CPU,SYSTEM & MEMORY temperatures.

hope this helps

  Djohn 11:34 22 Aug 2003

click here Check this thread, there are 163 postings to it, same problem. j. :o(

  jazzypop 12:40 22 Aug 2003

There are two elements to resolving these sort of problems - treating the symptoms (the reboots) and identifying/fixing the cause (of the reboots).

First, the symptom. As mark500 has said, you need to tell XP how to react when it encounters a significant problem. If you right-click My Computer, choose Advanced > Startup and Recovery, you will see several options towards the bottom of the dialog box, in the section marked 'System Failure'.

I suggest that you leave the first 2 boxes ticked (write an event, and send an alert), but untick the 3rd box (automatically restart).

On the 'write debugging' drop-down list, choose None.

If you OK this, you should now find that the restarts are a thing of the past, if they were caused by a system failure.

If they continue, you will need to investigate a fluctuating power supply, poor power cables, failing PSU or bad power connectors within the PC case.

Assuming that they stop, you can then investigate the root cause of the problem(s). To do this, right-click My Computer, choose Manage, and examine the System Event Logs. Red errors are critical, and double-clicking an error will often provide further detailed information about the error.

Feel free to post back with any error messages that you do not understand.

  andyj007 15:41 22 Aug 2003

Thanks guys i will try these out tonight.
If i still get problems I will find the error reports and post back.

Thanks for the quick replies.


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