xp internet sharing

  conrail 18:56 11 Jan 2004

1 pc + 1 laptop both using xp, pc has ntl broadband via a cable modem and usb connection.
want to let a laptop share my broadband access so took advice from experts! at a computer fair and purchased a usb ethernet adaptor for the laptop and a D-Link 32bit pci bus adaptor for pc also crossover cable, pc now has my local area network + a second connection using the d-link in the network connections, but the laptop says not connected, I believe it is trying to connect via the d-link which is not connected my my cable modem instead of by the broadband, any help appreciated, laptop is for my daughter to access net for college course without tying up pc

  Daveboy 19:00 11 Jan 2004

Have you run the internet connection sharing wizard ?

  howard60 19:54 11 Jan 2004

check on the properties of network places and look in advanced top right tab - see if xp firewall is enabled if it is take tick out of box.

  conrail 13:18 13 Jan 2004

have tried that Daveboy, now trying to by pass the pc D-Link 32bit pci bus adaptor and link directly through the cable modem that is linked to the pc via usb but also has socket for the x over cable to be installed, have been told I need a router but as they are £80 without the cables this is beyond current budget for this job

  BIGBAGGY 13:51 13 Jan 2004

I don't know much about it but I have 3 PCs and a Laptop attached to my Telewest Broadband and its easy I add laptops every other week when some one brings one round for me to look at. Anyway I use a HUB and its only a few quid to buy one.

  conrail 13:56 13 Jan 2004

thanks for suggestion BIGBAGGY, sorry to appear thick but can you point me towrds a hub and info on setting up, thanks

  conrail 16:34 16 Jan 2004

going to try a router, do I need to use the ntl install disc on the laptop if I use a router?

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