xp installation

  king joe 12:26 22 Feb 2004

I need advice about installing xp please.
I have xp pro installed on my pc and I would
like to uninstall it 'cause I don't have a valid
activation key.I now have a copy of xp home which I would to install.When the xp pro was
installed the partition was set to NTFS,how do
I get it back to FAT32 or should I leave it to

  igk 12:53 22 Feb 2004

Hi, Win xp pro and Home use both ntfs or fat32 its your choice,personally I use ntfs and would say that most use it as its more secure,there is a school of thought that ntfs is not so good if you play a lot of games but I do and have had no problems at all.hope this helps.

  mgmcc 12:57 22 Feb 2004

If you are starting over again with a totally "clean sheet", what I would do is to boot with a Windows 98 boot floppy, run fdisk and remove all partitions. The NTFS partition will appear as a non-DOS partition but it can still be removed with fdisk.

With a hard drive that now has no partitions, boot with the "Windows XP Home" CD and let it create the partition(s), format the drive you are using for XP and install the operating system. You will have the option to format as FAT32 or NTFS.

NOTE1: You will need a FULL copy of Windows XP, not an 'Upgrade' CD, to do this, unless you also have a CD with a qualifying OS on such as Win 98 or ME.

NOTE2: If necessary, you can download a Win98 boot floppy from click here

  igk 13:06 22 Feb 2004

MGMCC, Very good If I did not know any better I would say you are "stalking" me! First Computer active forum and now here (Computer active is down at present but thats why you are on here?)

  mgmcc 14:03 22 Feb 2004


<<Computer active is down at present but thats why you are on here?>>

Caught out again! :-)

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