XP install problems

  Octoz 09:10 01 Sep 2008

AMD2400+ - 2GHz
asus motherboard

I installed XP some years ago and can't remember whather this was a clean install or win 98 upgrade.
Recently decided to change Computer and give old one to in laws.
Xp had been throwing a few problems so I transferred necessary data to new machine and formatted slave HDD. i then tried to install XP and was told that the version that I was trying to install is older than the version already installed.
I removed the primary HDD and replaced it with the slave (maxtor 160GB) set BIOS to boot from CD but kept getting NTLDR missing. Copied a boot program to USB flash drive and system now gets to blue screen "Windows setup" but does not display options at bottom of screen. It just locks up.

Formatted original master disk using low level format. Tried to format in windows following this and after running all night received a message that windows is unable to complete the format.
I am happy to install with one HDD as there is probably more storage than my in laws need but desperately need help to install XP in order to set computer up for them.

Any help gratefully received!

  xania 09:15 01 Sep 2008

Did you remember to set the Maxtor to primary? Alternatively reformat the original C:\ drive then retry installing on that HHD.

  Octoz 11:08 01 Sep 2008

Hi xania,
Have tried that which you suggest.

  Poitier 14:53 01 Sep 2008

Sorry this is not a solution.A lot has happened since but the version message that you first received is the message that can be seen if a recovery disc is used for a repair instead of a clean install.This can happen if R is pressed instead of ESC in the Windows Home Edition Setup window.I suspect that you should have pressed ESC and then formatted C:\drive on the primary HDD.

  baldydave 15:21 01 Sep 2008

Place a drive set to master on the END of the ide cable
Set BIOS to boot of cdrom/dvdrom
make sure no usb drives are connected or floppies in drives
Boot from xp disc (must be xp disc not a restore disk) remember to hit a key when it says boot from cd
This should start loading xp

  Octoz 08:47 02 Sep 2008

Found an old 40GB HDD set it to master and put it on the end of the IDE cable.
BIOS set to boot from CD-Rom
No USB or floppies connected
Boot from XP disk....
System hangs after I press any key on "press any key to boot from CD" prompt. I think that I may have damaged my XP disc.
Back to the drawing board!

  [email protected] 08:55 02 Sep 2008

I had this problem many years ago when it said that NTLDR was missing. I simply used an old 98 install disc and inserted this into the CDRW and then it copied the NTLDR files and it was then simple to install XP
This could be caused by the XP disc becoming slightly scrachted or dirty

  Octoz 12:15 02 Sep 2008

Hi Kellysbouncas,
Did you have to fully install '98?
I have the original disk for it which came with a tiny computer (showing my age now) but I can't find the license key.

  griffon56 13:04 02 Sep 2008

Hi Octoz, I have an original Win98SE disc and the licence key is on the back of the manual which came with it. Jog your memory?

There are articles to do with repairing/reinstalling XP at these links click here and at click here which might be useful.

I'm sure I've seen articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base on the subject too.

  griffon56 13:10 02 Sep 2008

You might also find something here to help click here.

  baldydave 13:15 02 Sep 2008

If you disk is a xp disc NOT a restore disk it may be a upgrade disc and is searching for previous versions of windows.
When you press boot from cd can you see or hear the cd rom start?

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