xp install nightmare

  jstaunton 09:20 01 Dec 2003

i have been up all night and am now at my wits end.installed xp over 98 and millenium. xp worked it deleted me, and left 98.
i then decided to try a clean install and change to ftns instead of fat 32. i ended up with some sort of partition and loads of duplicated files, by backups on floppy would not load (is this because of the ftns and i saved in fat32). so i booted up with 98 start up chose cd support and tried to formatc, but it would not do it. tried fdisk no good. went to bios and changed to cd boot first but by the time the cd was loaded the c drive kicked in.
i am conected to internet via cable modem, this works fine at the moment but now my email wont work. help i cant sleep till this is done

  DieSse 10:17 01 Dec 2003

If you want a clean install of XP - boot from the XP CD and follow the instructions to delete the old partitions, create new ones and format in NTFS.

You do not need a proir installation even if it's an upgrade CD - you will simply be asked to insert it at some point, to prove you have it.

Floppies are always FAT8 - they will read under any main system file struture - so that's not the problem.

Quieten down, plan what you're going to do first, and start from the very beginning - it will work, I assure you.

  DieSse 10:19 01 Dec 2003

PS - when you boot from the Cd - watch the screen for the message that tells you to press any key to boot from the CD - otherwise it will carry on and boot from the C drive.

Note - some older motherboards cannot boot from CDs.

  temp003 10:38 01 Dec 2003

I don't understand what was the original configuration and what has happened.

Please slow down and explain, otherwise we're just going to give you the wrong advice. A lot of questions below, please don't take offence.

"installed xp over 98 and ME" -

(1) Did you have 2 separate partitions on which 98 and ME were separately installed, or 2 hard disks?

"decided to try a clean install and change to NTFS"

(2) If you had both 98 and ME, presumably you were using some third party software for the dual boot? What software?

(3)Where did you install XP to, which partition on which hard disk?

(4) Presumably you started the XP CD in one of the operating systems? Which one? Did you choose to upgrade (as opposed to new copy)?

"XP worked, it deleted ME and left 98"

(5) Would it be right to say you installed XP over ME, since "it deleted ME and left 98"?

"decided to try a clean install and change to NTFS"

(6) Did you load the XP CD again within the newly installed XP, and did you then select installing a new copy. Then during the installation process, you formatted a partition as NTFS? Which partition did you format?

My comments:

"My backups on floppies would not loa - is it because of NTFS and I saved in FAT32" - No, nothing to do with NTFS or FAT32.

"98 startup disk, tried format c:, would not do it" - If C drive is now on NTFS, the 98 startup disk cannot format it.

"fdisk no good" - an NTFS partition may be shown in fdisk as "Non-DOS partition". Tried deleting the non-DOS partition if you see it. But fdisk sometimes cannot delete a non-DOS partition.

"Tried to boot from CD but by this time the C drive kicked in"

(8) What do you mean the C drive kicked in - is it dead, or did you just get an error message? What was the error message?

Note: when you boot from the XP CD, if you get a message saying XP cannot detect hard drive, what you need to do is when XP Setup first starts, press F6 to install a hard disk controller driver (e.g. if you use a PCI IDE card). You will be prompted later to insert a floppy which contains the driver.

"You are connected ..." - so you can boot into some operating system. Which operating system? When you start up the computer, do you get any sort of operating system selection menu?


If it was all too confusing for you and you can't answer all of the above questions, at least tell us

How many hard disks do you have? What partitions? What do you want to do now (e.g. have one single operating system - namely XP, or a dual boot, or what?)

Back up all the data you need from the computer first (on CD, or to another partition other than C if you have one).

  jstaunton 17:13 01 Dec 2003

it seems my main problem all day (been awake now for 30 hours) is i picked up a virus while updating and install mcafee. had blaster and something beginning with nicdown loaded stinger and got rid. then got w32/gaobot.worm .gem cant get rid of that one. so i have put it in a file and locked it somehow till i can find something that will delete it. mcaffee does not.
so had no internet all day or email.
however xp is now working but!!!!!!.
i have : 1 hard drive
: in ntfs
: not sure if is partitioned will check (how!)
i have wait for it deleted a lot of the double entry folders manually. sorry!!!!
would like clean install - terrified. virus first please

  rikkisalmond 17:21 01 Dec 2003

try click here I think they offer free cleanup of viruses.

  temp003 01:48 02 Dec 2003

It looks as though you have a simple setup, although I still don't know what you meant earlier by xp deleting ME but leaving 98.

You should ultimately do a clean install, especially with all those duplicate files and viruses.

If you have any files to keep, back them up to CD first.

Then click here and download the blaster patch .exe file, and save it to CD.

Then do a clean install. You can do it without booting from the CD. Just insert CD while in XP, select install XP, then select install a new copy (Advanced) from the drop down menu. Just follow the prompts. Files will then be copied to your hard drive, and you'll be prompted to restart. It will reboot from the hard disk.

On restart, either the computer will go straight into XP Setup, or if you get a selection menu, choose "Microsoft XP Home Setup".

If you're asked to choose where to install XP to, just select the C partition.

You will ultimately be given some formatting options. Choose "Format with NTFS". You must do this if you want a true clean install. Do NOT select "Leave existing file system intact", even if it is already on NTFS. Otherwise you will get duplicate files and 2 installations of XP.

After installing XP, do NOT go on the internet yet. Install the Microsoft blaster patch first from the CD you've save the patch to. Otherwise it's very easy to catch the blaster virus.

Then install antivirus. Internet connection software. Then update virus definitions.

  jstaunton 20:24 02 Dec 2003

just like to thanks to everyone. all sorted

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