XP install info needed

  Newuser2 19:41 05 Jul 2004

I'm building a new PC & around an asus K8V MBO, an AMD 3400 64 bit CPU etc. I've bought an OEM version of XP with SP1. My concern is how should I install XP re the file system re NTFS or FATS. I have apps that I need to put on the new PC which at the moment on the old PC which is running ME.
I understand that when I install XP it will partition the new HD as part of the install process.
Any help will be most welcome.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:45 05 Jul 2004

Best if you partition the hdd yourself first of all if you are going for a dual boot (keeing win ME).

Then install XP onto a second partition, using the advanced option to tell it to go onto the relelvant partition.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:46 05 Jul 2004

Sorry, misread...

Stick with NTFS on the new machine if you are using XP. Anything that works on ME should likely work on XP.

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