XP Install help needed asap!

  djbenny 12:48 07 Aug 2005

when installing xp home it stops half way through registering components i have rebooed the machine and its done it again i dont know what the problem is any help would be excellent the pc is a dell laptop and am using the version of weindws that is supplied with new dell computers

  djbenny 13:01 07 Aug 2005

anyone know...need to know urgently sorry bout this

  djbenny 14:46 07 Aug 2005

another problem with different machine, when installing windows it gets up to the graphical bit of the actual installing but then either just stops doing anything or restarts itself i have tried a new hard drive could it be the ram?

  @[email protected]!c 17:58 07 Aug 2005

bit of a longshot but i had the same probs on my laptop and installing xp...i was installing on battery power and i dont know why i did it but i took the battery out and used the power supply..everything went fine after that..hope it helps ..regards akanic

  woodchip 18:06 07 Aug 2005

When a Install fails you should not reboot, it tell's you that when you start loading windows. You should turn the computer off, then restart it

  woodchip 18:09 07 Aug 2005

The CD you got may not be a full XP disc but may be a restore disc with drivers for other Hardware. That may be the Problem

  djbenny 10:36 09 Aug 2005

the version of xp is a full version and i do not restart the pc it restarts itself soon as it gets to the installing windows bit someyimes it comes up with an error but i cant read it because it reboots too fast...i dont know what the problem is i'm about to test windows 98 to see if that installs becase it might be a hardware error, if anyone has anymore suggesstions that'll be helpful

  harps1h 11:34 09 Aug 2005

i would suggest you take of any unnecessary components eg sound card modem etc. then reformat the disk by changing the boot sequence to cdrom first (that is if you already haven't done it). if there is a problem that will help you isolate it

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 16:15 09 Aug 2005

are you upgrading or is it a fresh install? if you have a new copy of win xp have you tryed booting directly from the win xp disc

  pk470 18:48 09 Aug 2005

Try deleting the non dos partition using fdisk
and reinstall your OS.

  woodchip 21:54 09 Aug 2005

Suggest you have a hard long look click here

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