xp install disaster HELP HELP

  Nessie 08:57 27 Sep 2003

Hi all.
I have 2 hd of 40gb each.On the master C: drive I had win98 on one partition. On the second hd I had 3 partitions all formatted with one having data on it, the rest are blank. I was installing xp onto the second drive but eveything froze. I left it for about 30 min but the computer was doing nothing so I switched off and on again. My big problem is that now my pc is dead. When I press the power button the green power light comes on the hd light comes on and both stay on constantly. The dvd light comes on and it searches, it but I had changed the bios to boot from cd. This is all that happens it does not boot at all, dead as a dodo. Even if I could get it to boot that would be a start. I can not get into bios setup, the monitor does not come on and it does not check the floppy. HELP PLEASE. I am about to go to work but some helpful posts would be great and i will be on again tonight.

  graham√ 09:53 27 Sep 2003

I suggest you disconnect the slave drive and try to boot. If you set the bios to boot only from CD, you may have to boot with the 98 CD. There is a risk of losing data, but if that is the only way...

  Nessie 19:09 27 Sep 2003

any other help. Please

  Nessie 19:21 27 Sep 2003

first suggestion not working. reads cd but hd light stays on and monitor stays on standby. help obviously stuck in boot file.

  Nessie 23:45 27 Sep 2003


  Nessie 00:01 28 Sep 2003


  Nessie 21:09 28 Sep 2003

yes, i have tried

  Nessie 12:39 29 Sep 2003

have fixed above by resetting bios to default and then it booted fine. Thanks all

  Nessie 22:37 30 Sep 2003

on mobo jumper setting to default

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