XP - How many processes?

  Camille 23:08 25 Feb 2004

when i ran win98se there seemed relatively few running processes but now I'm on xp there seems an awful lot - most of which I don't recognise. Is there a way to identify which are necessary processes and which could safely be closed?

  bvw in bristol 23:09 25 Feb 2004
  Camille 23:14 25 Feb 2004

very useful thanks, maybe I can start shutting down some of the 48 process running :)

  bvw in bristol 23:18 25 Feb 2004


Good luck :o)

  JIM 23:21 25 Feb 2004

bvw in bristol has posted a good link for identifying etc. "48 is alota processes.:)" Would use caution to end any processes until you know windows xp.Do check items carefully.

  woodchip 23:42 25 Feb 2004

You will find more in MSCONFIG than Task List. Type MSCONFIG in Run BOX

  Camille 22:25 26 Feb 2004

I looked at the startup in msconfig and found 25 processes just at startup!
I've had the pc since July and it's been slowing down significantly recently. Had a few problems with my kids downloading and installing which I've stopped now but I think I'm reaping the results of their labours!

I must say I don't find xp as easy as 98

  JIM 22:51 26 Feb 2004

would suggest you go to the link and download spybot s&d just incase you have some bugs which are slowing down your system.

Most regulars would advise the same plus a few other safety programs.Make sure you have your xp firewall on if no other firewall loaded,and check your antivirus is upto-date and running.

Pop back if you are unsure,create an other thread if you have to as this has been ticked.

click here

  Camille 23:29 26 Feb 2004

I already have spybot and norton av running and up to date. I use XP firewall and adaware and run weekly checks with all of them. I checked the processes in the site bvw suggested and have managed to get the processes down to 32 which still seems a lot but apparently they're all ok/essential.

  JIM 23:31 26 Feb 2004

Well done your on the ball:)


  Camille 23:36 26 Feb 2004

You're very kind :)
wish everything to do with pcs was as easy as keeping security up to date!!

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