XP how do I allow others to use internet?

  muscic lover 20:20 11 Nov 2005

Now I have windows XP on my PC! How do I allow other accounts -children and wife to use internet / other programmes? They all have thier own limited accounts and I am (for my sins) the administrator account.

If I dont get this set up, my days on earth may be limited as they all like to use the PC!

  woodchip 20:24 11 Nov 2005

First essential is make a Image of the drive with something like Acronis True Image Before you make any changes

  muscic lover 20:57 11 Nov 2005


  Skyver 20:58 11 Nov 2005

What's stopping them ? Account restrictions?

  muscic lover 21:00 11 Nov 2005

My son logged into his new account and cant get to Internet explorer! He wants to throw his teddies out of the cot now as he cant see his favourite sites. He used to be able to when we had Windows Me but we are now using XP

  Skyver 21:03 11 Nov 2005

You mean, he can't find the program to load it, or when it has loaded, it won't show certain sites?

  Skyver 21:05 11 Nov 2005

Overview of XP accounts ; click here
Limited accounts don't restrict access to specific programs, but some older software (games especially) sometimes won't work properly, or save new information.

  keewaa 22:13 11 Nov 2005

Can you describe exactly what happens, as the usual setup is that limited accounts have internet access but can't download programs.

Maybe its a firewall setting, or is it XP pro ?

  muscic lover 23:20 11 Nov 2005

I have winamp as my preferred music player, and when I try to get it on my nsons account we can not get it running!

Most of my hair is going to be pulled out in frustration.

How do I set the privilege level so he can use it, and do I set it from my account or his?
do I drag and drop Winamp into another file location?

  lotvic 00:32 12 Nov 2005

You are not giving us enough detail of what is/is not happening

Have you enabled your Internet Connection for 'Anyone who uses this computer'? as per this screenshot
click here

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