XP Hotfix MS03-026 (823980) - Blaster

  Paranoid Android 09:26 24 Aug 2003

I have installed this update 3 times now, twice as an automatic update and once from Windows Update web site. However it still comes up every time in the list of recommended critical updates.

Each time the installation history shows the install as successful.

How can I confirm that the update has 'taken' (without deliberatley catching the worm) ?

Successful 23 August 2003 MS03-026: Security Update for Windows XP (823980) Web site
Successful 21 August 2003 MS03-026: Security Update for Windows XP (823980) Automatic update
Successful 3 August 2003 Security Update for Windows XP (823980) Automatic update


  JIM 09:43 24 Aug 2003

try download and safe a copy to disk,then run it. May be worth a try!

  Jester2K II 10:48 24 Aug 2003

You can confirm by checking Add / Remove Programs to see if its listed there.

Some updates do this. Eventually they stop.

  DieSse 11:52 24 Aug 2003

I had a client with one a bit like this recently - Listed as "install succeeded", yet trying to install again and again (and failing in my case)

Eventually found the uninstall routine for it, in Explorer - by showing hidden files - they're all listed in the Windows directory.

Ran the unistall. Next time it downloaded and updated and stopped asking to do it again.

I presume something subtle went wrong the first time, got installed, but not logged as installed - and from then on couldn't right itself.

Make sure the AV is off before you do Win uodates.

  Paranoid Android 18:59 25 Aug 2003

How about a little competition ?

You know the old saying, if it stops working give it a thump ? Well, my eldest son's CDRom drive stopped working a little while ago, kept saying that no disk was inserted even when there was one. I tried removing and reinstalling it etc, but nothing I did made any difference.

Yesterday I was moving his PC and laid it on his bed, came back a few minutes later after hearing a loud crash. Son No.2 had started bouncing on the bed, bounced the PC right off the bed and onto the floor.

Miraculously, everything still works, including the previously faulty CD drive.

Beat that if you can.


  Paranoid Android 19:04 25 Aug 2003

Sorry sorry sorry, should have been a new thread - Doh.

Thanks for the advice, I'll give it ago.


  the lone cloner 19:42 26 Aug 2003

go to click here windows update failure the fix is there.

  Jester2K II 20:40 26 Aug 2003

Can you point to the Exact page please?

  Paranoid Android 20:39 27 Aug 2003

Thanks Lone Cloner.

For the benefit of others, the page is click here


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