XP Host Win98 Client. Wireless Lan but no net!

  wtsltd 23:23 05 Jan 2006

I have Win98SE on my client and it will share files and print via the Ovislink ADSL54 wireless router to my host (XP)computer but I can't get it to work internet explorer.

Help plese! What have I done wrong?

  mgmcc 08:13 06 Jan 2006

What IP address does each PC have? You can find this by opening a Command Prompt window and entering IPCONFIG /ALL

  wtsltd 15:44 06 Jan 2006

Thanks - I'll check when I get home this evening.

What do I do when I have this information?

  mgmcc 16:08 06 Jan 2006

<<< What do I do when I have this information? >>>

Post the details back here. It will let me, or others, know what's going on.

If you have "Internet Connection Sharing" set up correctly, your XP "host" PC will have the address and your 98SE "client" PC should have an address in the same range, i.e. with only the final number being different from the "host".

  Taran 16:27 06 Jan 2006

1. Your router is there to allow either your XP or your Windows 98 machine to access the internet simultaneously

2. It is also there to allow file and resource sharing between both computers

Have you checked on the Windows 98 machine to see if Internet Exploer is set up to access the web over LAN through the router ?

Open Internet Explorer (assuming the program will even open) the click on Tools >> Internet options >> Connection and see what's in there.

If this is a new network the chances are your Windows 98 machine is still trying to call out via a broadband modem or a 56k modem for its internet access.


  Taran 16:28 06 Jan 2006

I should have added that the fact you can access files and printers means DHCP and TCP/IP are extremely unlikely to be the problem here.

File and printer sharng will not work where an IP problem is present.

  mgmcc 16:42 06 Jan 2006

Sorry, ignore my reference to "Internet Connection Sharing" - your reference to a "Host" and "Client" suggested you were using this but I now see you have a router.

There is no "Host" and no "Client" when using a router, both connect to the router for their internet access and have an equal and independent status in the network, although I appreciate that, for file and printing purposes, you may effectively have host and client.

Nevertheless, it would still be helpful to know the IP addresses because, if the adapters are unable to get an address by DHCP from the router, they could default to 169.254.x.x addresses allocated by Windows, which can allow File/Printer sharing, but would definitely not allow internet access.

  Taran 16:52 06 Jan 2006

The limitations of the printed word...

I hope mgmcc did not take my comments above as a criticism of his/her earlier post - it certainly wasn't meant as such and he/she is right in that in some circumstances the default IP addressing in Windows can allow file and printer sharing.

Based on the question at the top of this page I am making the rather large assumption that since the Windows 98 machine is mentioned as not being able to access the web the Windows XP machine can, in which case we are back to a connection issue from one OS.

More detail would certainly help.

  mgmcc 19:07 06 Jan 2006

<<< I hope mgmcc did not take my comments above as a criticism of his/her earlier post >>>

Not at all - I had missed the fact that there was a router involved and would have continued on the wrong track if you hadn't mentioned it ;-)

  wtsltd 20:49 06 Jan 2006

Yes the XP host can get the web no problem via the router.
The Access web via LAN is selected with automatically detect settings box checked.
The Proxy setting is unchecked. Should I check this and put the host computer name here?

When I open Internet Explorer on the 98 computer it tells me that the content advisor has something missing from it but I've forgotten the password so I can't change the content advisor! Then the 98 client says that it is trying to connect to
Then it gives an explorer error page. Should I re-install Explorer?

  Taran 00:01 07 Jan 2006

If you've set a password to IE content advisor then that will probably be what is preventing web access.

Content Advisor restrictions can cause havoc since many web pages have no rating.

Try downloading a Content Advisor password recovery utility click here

Running it should reveal your Content Advisor password. Reset the Content Advisor to off and try to access the web again - it should work properly.

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