XP home startup & safe mode fails then hangs

  Danoh 22:43 29 Jul 2004

Just recently, my 1.5 year old Windows XP home pc has failed to start up. When it is switched on, it only manages to show the first 2 BIOS boot-up pages and then hangs interminably. It does not get as far as the Windows splash logo screen.

I tried to get it started up in Safe mode but that only progresses 6 command lines and then stops and hangs interminably;
Multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS\system32\ noskrnl.exe until \config\system.log

Anything else I can try please?

  Danoh 22:54 29 Jul 2004

Sorry that should have been;






Multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS\system32\config\system. log

  Danoh 23:25 29 Jul 2004

I have the same problem as described in this previous posting, except that I do not even get the Windows splash screen, just a black screen; click here

  Dan the Confused 23:48 29 Jul 2004

click here looks like your problem.

If you can boot from your WinXP disk then you can run chkdsk c: from the recovery console (if you have it) which should achieve the same result. A repair may also work.

Alternatively, you might be able to boot from a Win98 startup floppy and use scandisk c: but I am unsure of this.

  Danoh 10:47 30 Jul 2004

I'll try that although when I tried before with my XP CD, the display did not show anything at all.

  Danoh 10:54 30 Jul 2004

Now running Chkdsk from the XP CD Recovery console. Any other suggestions while that is happening?

  Danoh 10:58 30 Jul 2004

"vol appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems" message.

What should I do next at the Recovery Console C: prompt?

  woodchip 11:03 30 Jul 2004

you cannot use a 98se disc SCANDISK as one is Fat32 other will Support NTFS. So SCANDISK with 98 floppy may make things worse

  Danoh 11:13 30 Jul 2004

Thxk Woodchip. Fat32-NTFS conflict known so I won't be trying that. My chkdsk /r comes up with unrecoverable problems. Presumably that only leaves me with a tricky proposition to install XP ontop of my existing installation so i can retrieve my data before doing a complete reformat?

  Danoh 11:38 30 Jul 2004

Tried to install 2nd XP alongside existing so I could try to recover data but no luck as I only get the option to reformat completely.

Guess my only hope now is to take out the HDD and attach it as a slave to another PC and hope to be able to extract some data!! Then back to reformat and hope the HDD is not so damaged as to be unable to take a reformat and complete XP install!!

  Danoh 11:48 30 Jul 2004

any further suggestions I could try apart from demounting the HDD onto another PC?

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