XP Home Start Up Problems

  aca 15:39 06 Nov 2005

Been sorting problem on friends pc. They keep getting unmountable boot volume bsod on start up. I have followed MS fix and gone to recovery console, C: prompt and repaired/fixed the boot files.

Works for a while but it seems that problem being caused by LOTR Battle for Middle Earth. Isolated pronblem to when game is run. Sounds strange to me but...

Is it possible for software to keep corrupting boot files?

  aca 18:00 06 Nov 2005


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:23 06 Nov 2005

Is it possible for software to keep corrupting boot files?

Perhaps it is trying to save data to the system root and overwriting boot files.

In the options settings is there any way to dirct saved games to a specific folder?

  aca 19:44 06 Nov 2005

thanks Fruit Bat will have look at this. Also found on HP support that SP2 fixes this type of problem in HP pc's.(its an Imedia) still seems strange that only happening with the same game. Need to check whether SP2 installed. PC not online so doubt it.
Also got an HP utility to check hard drive.

  woodchip 19:47 06 Nov 2005

Try running Check Disc, it may be a bad block on your Hard drive

  aca 20:11 06 Nov 2005

Thanks woodchip

have run chkdisk/r and also fixboot and these temporarily seem to fix until the next time error

  woodchip 20:15 06 Nov 2005

It sounds like faulty memory that's the problem

  woodchip 20:16 06 Nov 2005

Faulty Memory corrupts files

  aca 20:24 06 Nov 2005

Yes that was one of my thoughts. I ran a memory diagnostic on it. think it was memtest (from floppy). Ran for a day and half and showed no errors.

  woodchip 20:26 06 Nov 2005

Software test is not very good but better than nothing. Not accurate and can miss faults

  aca 20:29 06 Nov 2005


Have heard that so think I will swap in some different RAM and try that.

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