XP home standby mode dosn't work

  golfpro 16:37 27 Feb 2003

what is with the standby mode in xp home when I click on this I can't re-start my computer again???

  powerless 16:53 27 Feb 2003

Do you mean that when you click on STAND BY it does not go into stand by mode?

Or do you mean that when the computer comes out of stand by it will not the restart when you want it to?

  golfpro 17:01 27 Feb 2003

I can go into stand-by mode but I can't get out of it, I end up having to re-boot.

  SDJ 17:40 27 Feb 2003

Yeah I get the same thing, my hibernation doesnt work either. I know this doesnt help but thought you might feel happier knowing your not the only one.

  powerless 17:47 27 Feb 2003

What operating system are you using?

  graham 18:11 27 Feb 2003

Hit any key, eg space bar, should take you out of standby.

  golfpro 18:51 27 Feb 2003

You can hit as many keys as you like, but it still wont start, (I just tried it) by the way as stated in my first thread OS is XP Home. try it if you don't believe me, click start>turn off computer>stand-by. and the blank screen will just stay there until you switch off completly and re-boot. surely someone els has had this problem, question is has anyone fixed it?

  golfpro 19:03 27 Feb 2003

Just read the book, Stand by mode is only available with XP professional, and not with Home edition.

  graham 20:17 27 Feb 2003

I've got XP Home, my standby works fine. The monitor should go into standby as well. Does 'Turn off' computer work?

  crocodile36 21:45 27 Feb 2003

I've got a similar problem, but I am just living with it. I'm running XP Home with an Athlon 2200 setup. I can put the computer into standby or hibernation but on resuming, I completely lose the use of the mouse. I just have to switch off and start again.
I have stopped using standby.
I suspect that the problem may be due to an incompatibility with Roxio CD software. I know that I had a problem saving large files with Direct CD and downloaded a patch, but this may have caused other glitches.

  golfpro 07:36 28 Feb 2003

Thanks a lot for the replys, I'm not the only one with this a couple of my mates have also said that their's don't work either. But why the hell does MS put it in there in the first place if it doesn't do anything.

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