XP Home, with SP1a on CD but >

  Giggle n' Bits 00:43 24 Oct 2003

Having installed WinXP home with SP1a intact on the CD, which or how many of the MS Windows updates are really needed. Suppose as there is that many of them to donwload which one are not needed.

Surely with having SP1a a lot of the updates & security patches should be intact on the XP installation CD ?.

So anyone in the system building and familiar with MS updates, your help would be good here.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:59 24 Oct 2003

Your answer is fine. I feel that all these extra windows update do hog up the running and perfomance of the machine especially with XP.

I thihk the Auto updating on big brand name machines that is swithced on when delivered is a big mistake as it doesn't have slow things down in ways.

But as I just said above, all these updates & security patches look to me a little like overkill.

Any Microsoft MCSE engineer's out there trained on XP Home ?. Are the Windows updates really really necesary.

Ok, admit there is/was a Blaster patch but its been and gone.

  [email protected] 01:02 24 Oct 2003

I just installed the same version (Xp Home SP1a) last week and there were a few "critical updates" (about 15mb in total)

How "critical" critical is I dont know but I installed them anyway.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:46 25 Oct 2003

had for your detailed answers, your views, your feedback & comments.

I express my thanks to all PCA Forum user names as listed above for your feedback here and the support. Really interesting, and also a wacky read giving me my answer/s and also some interesting other titbits of info.

Thank You all !!!

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