XP Home Re-Install onto New Hard Drives

  [DELETED] 12:38 31 Dec 2003

I currently have XP home on 2x40gb HD's, straight drives, no partitions. I have purchased 2x120gb drives to install, which I will partition into 3 roughly equal drives each, giving 6 virtual drives. I will do a vanilla slipstreamed SP1 install of Win XP Home full version. I have a full system backup using a programme called Simple Backup, on 3 DVD's. I know I will have to re-activate XP, but my question is this, After the re-install and re-activation, when I re-install my backup over the top, will it be accepted, or will it cause problems as its a backup of two different drives, and as I have 2 drives at the moment C,D, and the new partions will involve C,D being on the same drive will it accept the new location of drive D?. Hope this is understandable. Opinions please Ladies and Gents

  [DELETED] 12:58 31 Dec 2003

Anyone Please

  [DELETED] 13:50 31 Dec 2003

Where are all the experts!!!!!!!!!!!

  gold 47 14:28 31 Dec 2003

Afraid i am no expert but looking at what you want todo i would say it won't work, i didn't know a motherboard could take two 120gb drives
but as i said i am no expert here,VOG might take this up.

  [DELETED] 14:32 31 Dec 2003

as long as the backups go on the virtual drive exactly the same size then you would not have to reactivate

  [DELETED] 14:34 31 Dec 2003

I don't think the question is about XP Activation.

I think its if an image taken from 2x40gb HD's can be trasnfered ok to 2x120gb.

jim1947 - can you confirm?

  [DELETED] 14:36 31 Dec 2003

Does this program Simple Backup create some sort of image of everything like Ghost or just of the used space like Drive Image?

  [DELETED] 14:52 31 Dec 2003

This all really depends on the nature of your back up.

You say that you will do a full vanilla install first so I am assuming that your definition of full backup does not include the os or any system files?

For example if you backed up your drives with Ghost then you could reimage your new drives without problem to exactly the same spec as the old ones.

Infact thinking about it why not slave your first new harddrive off the first original drive and just image them across using ghost, this will allow you to set the destination partition to a suitable size and then once you are in windows you could use disk manager to split the remaining blank space into two further partitions.

Then repeat for the other drives, simple as that!

  [DELETED] 16:09 31 Dec 2003

Here Goes. Jester2k you are right, thats the question. I have no problems about re-activation, the program Simple Backup copies the entire system, as is, to DVD's in this case 3 of them. There are two methods of restore and I won't bore you with the details but the one I have to use is to install the hard drives, re-install XP, insert the first DVD which will start the restore and set the system back to the date of the last backup, in this case today. If I partition as explained into 6 Virtual drives, will my restore be successful, bearing in mind that at the moment I only have two C & D.

Many thanks

  [DELETED] 16:42 31 Dec 2003

Sorry, I'm afraid I don't have Ghost, and I'm reluctant to buy it for a one off operation.

Gold47, Not sure about that, anyone else like to comment on this.


  [DELETED] 17:11 31 Dec 2003

At least with ghost you can copy from drive/partition/cdrw/dvdrw to or from an image and back again all with the use of a single floppy.

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