XP Home or XP Pro ?

  [DELETED] 10:25 03 Aug 2003

Hi I am thinking of updating my Windows ME to XP
Can anyone tell me the difference between XP Home & XP Pro (besides the price)would I be missing much if I opted for XP Home rather than XP Pro?
Is there any advantage buying the Full program as opposed to the Upgrade
I use my machine for surfing the web Photo/Video Editing and Word.

  [DELETED] 10:30 03 Aug 2003

have you the FULL ME disc? or a restore disc?

The only difference in the upgrade is that you have to have an older version

  [DELETED] 10:33 03 Aug 2003

The Po version has extra features mainly for business use. Home is quite adequate for almost all home users.

To use the upgrade version successfully you need a "qualifying" previous version of Windows installed. This is not necessarily a "recovery disk" or whatever other euphemism suppliers use to get away without supplying you with a full version. If you qualify, the upgrade is exactly the same as the full version of XP

  [DELETED] 10:34 03 Aug 2003

Po version??

That wasn't my opinion of XP, it was supposed to be PRO version. Sorry!!

  [DELETED] 10:47 03 Aug 2003

Thanks for the quick response
Yes I have the Full Version of ME
I have heard that the XP disk is bootable and it is best to Install XP this way.
Is the Upgrade disk bootable or do you have to install over your previous operating system

  [DELETED] 10:52 03 Aug 2003

XP upgrade is bootable and it behaves just like the full version. If you install on a clean (freshly formatted disk) it will ask for the qualifying version during its installation. If you do an install with ME already there then it will accept this and just install.

Note it is best to clean install. Don't do an upgrade otherwise you will keep all sorts of ME rubbish on the drive. No need to remove first though.


  [DELETED] 10:53 03 Aug 2003

To avoid any problems you would be best installing XP on a clean, freshly formatted disk.

It is highly unlikely that anyone using a single computer at home would need the pro-version...click here or click here


  Forum Editor 11:00 03 Aug 2003

without actually having the previous (ME) installation on the drive if you prefer to have the cleanest install possible. Provided you have the CD for the full version of ME, proceed like this:

On a formatted drive, just run the upgrade installer. It will search the drive for a qualifying version and it won't find it, so it will ask you where it is. At that point, take the XP disk out of the CD drive and insert the ME disk. Then point the XP installer to the CD drive. The installer will look at the disk, find the appropriate files, and will then ask you to put the XP CD back in the drive. After that, the installation will continue as normal.

  [DELETED] 12:39 03 Aug 2003

Thank you all for such a quick response I Think I will buy the XP upgrade. Again thanks for all your help.

  [DELETED] 12:41 03 Aug 2003

If you do have any problems (don't think you will if you're careful) come back here. Loads of us regulars have done the same process and will be able to help you out.


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