XP Home or Professional?

  JasonH 09:06 29 May 2003

I'm thinking of upgrading my OS to either XP Home or XP Professional.

I use my PC mainly for music making, games and internet. Now, what's the difference between Home and Pro, which would be best for me?

Also, should I buy the full product or an upgrade disc? Are there any gotcha's I should know about installing XP on a win98SE system?

So many questions :-)



  -pops- 09:23 29 May 2003

XP Pro is intended more for business use and has better encyption/security etc. For most, Home edition is more than adequate.

Regarding upgrade or full product, do you have a full version of 98? If yes then get the upgrade. Note though that if you only have a recovery disk or similar, you may not be able to do it.

If you do take the upgrade, do a fresh install. Don't install on top of W98 if you can avoid it as you will carry over all the rubbish you may have on the machine as it is now.

Doing a clean install with an upgrade disk will give you an entirely new system. It will ask during setup to insert the qualifying disk (W98) just to prove you have it and it's plain sailing from there.


  JasonH 10:10 29 May 2003

Thank you Brian!

You've pretty much set me straight on this!!

One question though, by clean or fresh install I take it you mean deleting Win98SE first? And you can do this from bring up the DOS prompt, yes?



  -pops- 10:40 29 May 2003

No need to remove 98 first. I can't remember the exact wording you get with an upgrade disk but you are given some choices when you put the XP disk in.

If you choose New Installation XP then overwrites your previous system (NEVER TO BE RECOVERED!!!!). This is the best way so long as you haven't anything you particularly want to keep in 98 (you should have backed this up beforehand anyway).

Before you do any of this, do a web search for all the hardware you have currently installed and download any drivers etc. necessary for XP. Often, old 9X drivers don't work very well. Load these on to a CD or something ready for the changeover.

During installation you will be asked if you want to convert from FAT 32 to NTFS. There are all sorts of tales going around about NTFS - all of them fabrications!! I have used this system ever since it was available and it has never caused any problems whatsoever.

Note that XP does not use MS DOS. It uses Calderra DOS which is completely different and the two are not interchangeable. If you want to install XP to a virgin disk (rather than overwrite) you will have to arrange your BIOS to boot from CD. Post back about this if necessary.

All the above is written on the assumption that your machine fulfills the minimum requirements for XP installation.


  Red Flag 10:51 29 May 2003

I've recently upgraded from W98se to XP Home and can throughly recommend it. I am very impressed with XP, its stable and seems to recognise every bit of hardware and software I've through at it.

For purely home computing I would stick with XP home but do a clean installation.

  JasonH 10:56 29 May 2003

Thanks guys!

Brian, just to get this absolutely clear in my mind a "clean installation" as both you and Red Flag put it equates to the "New Installation XP then overwrites your previous system" comment you made above?



  -pops- 11:00 29 May 2003


  Red Flag 11:03 29 May 2003

I formatted my hard drive (after backing up anything I wanted to keep) and then did a fresh clean installation.

You can get the OEM version of XP home at ebuyer.co.uk quickfind code 43403 for £66.

  JasonH 11:23 29 May 2003

Thanks again guys!

This something I'll be seriously considering!




  The Sack 13:22 29 May 2003

Pro supports multi processors, home doesnt, appart from some other bits and bats thats about it, the Kernel is idenitcal.

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