XP home OEM wont re install.

  bazbulldog 11:54 09 Feb 2007

I upgraded from win 98 to XP home with a legally
bought and registered OEM version,since then I
have upgraded the system acouple of times and
re-installed each time.The last time I tried to re-install I got a message saying this system had been installed the maximum number of times
and would not let me re-install again.
Does this mean I now have an unusable system
or is there a way round this? I have tried to find a phone number for Microsoft so I can contact them but cant find a number on their
Any help appreciated

  silverous 11:59 09 Feb 2007

I think you'll definitely need to speak to Microsoft. There's a number of changes of machine hardware I believe it will allow before you speak to them.

I'm surprised if you upgraded from win 98 to XP that OEM is legal as I thought OEM was for shipping with a new PC - there's debate going on in Vista forum about this.

Anyway, Microsoft contact details should be on their website. A quick search on google for "call microsoft activation" returned the following:

click here

  gudgulf 12:00 09 Feb 2007


"Q. How many times can I activate my software?

You can activate your licence as often as you like, as long as you have a genuine reason for doing so.
Q. How many components can I change before I have to reactivate my PC with product activation?

It depends on the components changed and the time over which the changes are made. Product activation is able to tolerate some change in a hardware configuration - so you can change hardware without the PC needing reactivation or being classed as a different PC. Common changes to hardware, such as upgrading a video card, adding a second hard disk drive, adding RAM or upgrading a CD-ROM device, will not require the system to be reactivated. However, if you completely overhaul the hardware by making substantial changes (even over long periods of time), reactivation may be needed. If so, you may need to call a Microsoft customer service representative to reactivate the system. The UK free-phone number is 0800 018 8354."

From click here

Try the phone number at the end of that quote and explain the situation.

  bazbulldog 12:35 09 Feb 2007

Thanks for the responses from silverous and
gudgulf,I will contact Microsoft on the numbers provided and see what transpires all help was

  ventanas 12:42 09 Feb 2007

Could be interesting. The myth still lives. OEM is NOT legal unless it is purchased with a fully assembled system. Whoever told you it was is telling porkies, or is as misinformed as you are.
You cannot upgrade from Win 98 with an OEM version of Windows.

You may get lucky with Microsoft, but I wouldn't risk it.

  mattyc_92 12:47 09 Feb 2007

Didn't the 'rules' recently change for OEM?

As I remember a year or so ago that you could LEGALLY buy and use OEM software as long as you buy a Graphics Card, Hard-drive, etc... Those were the days!

  silverous 12:59 09 Feb 2007

I read somewhere that it was as long as you purchased it with a "non-peripheral" item. The 'con' was that people were selling OEM with a mouse - which wasn't the point.

I would've thought a major system upgrade e.g. new Motherboard, replacement hard disk etc. would count as OEM but I suspect I'm wrong.....

  pk46 13:19 09 Feb 2007

Try to activate via the phone if that doesn't work you will transfer to a CS Rep you just tell them you have put a new MOBO in.

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