XP HOME not starting

  sat481 12:48 07 Feb 2005

Hi there

Can someone please help. My neighbour has a laptop running XP Home and its stuck in a startup loop. As it runs up you get the screen telling you that it didn't shut down properly last time and the start options. I have tried Safe mode,normal and last known good and no joy either way. You get the XP start up screen and then it shuts down and starts again.
I have put the XP disc in and started it up and gone to repair. I tried to do a DIR,but wouldn't even do that. Came up with some excuse about not been able to enumarate it!!. So I tried to run CHKDSK..Again this fails by getting stuck in a loop and carrying out further tests,all with 0% done.

He can;t afford to loose the info.. and PC World are rubbish.. Any ideas???


  TD1264 12:58 07 Feb 2005

Have you recently installed SP2 ?
We have a similar problem,after installing SP2, computer will not boot up if anything is connected via USb.

  matt1234 12:59 07 Feb 2005

ok im afraid to say that pc's hard drive will need formatting because the data is curupt!!!

But you could try reinstalling windows. as you wont loose any data!!!

If that dont work a format will have to be done LOOSING all your work im afraid.

  sat481 13:04 07 Feb 2005

He can not afford to loose the data so a format is not an option in this case. I have found out one of my friends has an external caddy for a laptop HD so gonna borrow that and try and transfer the data to mine... Then I can format it for him.


  ventanas 14:03 07 Feb 2005

Had this happen to me twice now, on different machines. It keeps going back to the boot options after briefly showing the XP start screen.

I'm afraid there is only one cure, as I have tried everything possible. The machine will have to be reformatted, despite it being "not an option." The data will be lost. Another advert for backing up. But from my experience there is no alternative.

I don't know how many times it has to be said, if data is vital take a backup.

  antony-332406 14:11 07 Feb 2005

try what matt1234 said, reinstall windows over the top of the current o/s it MAY work!
this is one reason i like to partition my drives, and keep my data on a seperate partition to the o/s, unless the HD goes down, i have a very good chance my data will be safe.

  sat481 16:06 07 Feb 2005

Well thanx for all the advise people.. I tried putting the HD in an external cradle and it still could not be read.. He has now taken it to the local computer shop to see if they can save the data.

The reason why the data is so important is that all his desktop data was backed up onto there whilst his desktop software was been re-installed. But I suppose thats life.

Thanks again and i think all that the computer shop will do is format and re-install (I told him that but still desperate to save data)


  Demora 16:32 07 Feb 2005

I had a similar problem last week and all has been resolved thanks to the people in this forum

BUT I did on one occasion managed to get into windows using the 'last good configuration' option so managed to get a backup of the good stuff.

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