XP Home Network Problem - please help .........!

  Newuser3443 21:43 19 Jan 2004

I have 2 PC's, one running ME (the client) and the other XP home (the host). Both PC's can ping each other (and themselves) and the client can 'see' the host in Windows Explorer, but the host can't see the client.

On the host, when I open My Network Places, it shows nothing. I have disabled all firewalls, both machines are using TCP/IP to communicate and are on different addresses (192.168.0.x), both use the same subnet mask ( and both use the same workgroup name.

Any idea's please?

Rob :0(

Are you actually 'Logged In' on the ME machine?

  vinnyo123 04:08 20 Jan 2004

can you ping using there unique names?
do you also have file and print sharing installed?
did ya share a folder or drive?

  Newuser3443 06:13 20 Jan 2004

horiz5, Yes I am logged in on the ME machine.

vinny0123, unique names? how do I do that? Yes, I have file and print sharing installed on both PC's and a shared folder on each PC.

  vinnyo123 02:43 21 Jan 2004

do you also have client for microsoft networks installed?

right click my network places>properties>identification tab>should be on same workgroup and each PC have a unique name.
also should have NetBEUI(NetBIOS binded to network card....

this enables machines to be found by names and share on windows network...

hope this helps post back..

  jonnytub 02:53 21 Jan 2004

Lets establish how you are connecting as this is the most important factor and any 3rd party software u are using if at all ?

  Newuser3443 06:04 21 Jan 2004

I am not using NetBEUI (just TCP/IP). Since XP, Microsoft no longer supports NetBEUI.

I am using TCP/IP protocol to connect and connecting via a crossover LAN cable (no third party software involved).

  vinnyo123 18:15 21 Jan 2004

xp has NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled by default
LAN properties>Internet protocol(TCP/IP)"highlight this"properties>advanced>WINS tab NetBIOS over TCP/IP "default".

A windows network or as any network needs A DNS resolver to put names to IP addresses.

I say go back look at my original postings and take a look at your configurations again I bekieve you said when you open XP's network places it doesn't see the WIN ME machine .I believe it is because it has no way to put a name to the IP address.


  Newuser3443 22:47 21 Jan 2004

Vinny0123, My XP machine already has BetBIOS over TCP/IP set.

The XP machine doesn't see the ME machine, but it doesn't even see itself. The network in the opposite direction (ME to XP) works fine.

  vinnyo123 01:54 22 Jan 2004

ping ME with IP?

ping ME with uinique name?

start>cmd>net view?(shows list off shares and PC's)

also try a search for computers from start>search>files and folders>computers>

click here

also take a look here.

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