XP Home and LAN Passwords

  Bebee 18:07 23 Jul 2004

Hi. I have just added a laptop with XP Home to a home wireless network where the other computers are running ME.

I have everything working well, but shared folders on the ME computers ask for a password every new session. The ME computers connect without a password as they always have, even to the XP system (I enter a password at logon, ususally, if it asks for it).

The help file in XP suggests I enter name and password and tick the remember box, but this option does not appear. Name is greyed out and appears as guest and there is no tick box.

I have only one user account on XP - administrator - without a password to logon.

Can I get the XP system to connect to network resources without asking for a password each time?

Hope I have given the relevant info - I have not used XP home before.


  Bebee 19:30 23 Jul 2004


  hillybilly 21:08 23 Jul 2004

You need to create a user on your xp machine ie.

user name of Fred and a password of 1234

Now if you create that same user name and password on all your pc's when you log on to one you will be able to get across and into any of the of others because Fred 1234 will be a registered user on all the pc's

Come back if I'm not making sense.

  Bebee 21:33 23 Jul 2004

Thanks - it makes sense - but the two other computers on the network use different names but the same password. Is it different for XP? I'll give it a go.

  Bebee 10:44 24 Jul 2004

Thanks - I have actually just added the same password as the shared folders need as the account password on XP. The shared resources now do not ask for a password.

As I have only one account I have set it to log on this account on startup without having to enter a password using the information here click here .

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