XP Home freezing on boot

  AragornUK 12:05 13 Nov 2006

Hi all.

I know similar problems have been encountered before but there doesn't seem to have been a definitive answer arrived at, mainly due to people to taking the format c: route to correct the issue I think. Anyway, here goes and any advice welcomed (other than format c: of course).

My Mum & Dad's PC has been running happily for a while. All of a sudden last week the thing wouldn't start. I asked what they meant and in that typically wonderful parenty way said "...it just won't start". Needless to say this helped me not one bit. We went round in circles for a while and eventually I gave up and went round on Saturday.

On startup I get a normal POST, then the splash screen and then a big black empty nothing, except for a mouse cursor. If we wait 10 mins or so we get the "Windows is starting up...." message just prior to the Logon Screen. Then nothing. It just sits there waiting for Judgement Day (apparently).

I've tried the XP CD to use the Recovery Console to Repair the installation, but not knowing where the problem eminates from makes my options a bit limited. I've done a FIXBOOT and would have tried a FIXMBR but due to having used Partition Magic to partition the drive I get a warning that I have a non standard or damaged MBR and that data/partitions may be lost if I run FIXMBR.

I ran CHKDSK /p and CHKDSK /r and got a message that errors were found. And I assume fixed.

I am now at a point where the only option I can see it to reinstall XP over the top, or alongside the current install as a dualboot temporarily so I can access some files they need then reformat and start again.

If anyone has any other ideas PLEASE post them. We could do with rescuing this installation if at all possible.

Thanks in advance,


PS: Arrggghhh.....took so long to type this, the site logged me out for inactivity.

  AragornUK 12:06 13 Nov 2006

I cannot enter Safe Mode either, it just hangs at the balck screen with the Safe Mode logo around the edge and that's as far as it gets.

  Ex plorer 12:29 13 Nov 2006

Hi no expert, but trying to help is the ram ok and seated if you have more than one stick try it with just one in place.
Make sure all cables are fully pushed in.
For a repair.
click here
I used this and it got me out of trouble.

  xania 12:30 13 Nov 2006

Have you tried to load up the last successful boot (F8) during POST? If you have and still no success, clearly, you have no alternative but a re-installation. However, I suggest you boot up from the Partition Magic CD and use this to copy your c: drive somewhere else on your hard drive. Now re-format C:\ and start again. You will end up with a dual boot system, but you can always modify boot.ini to get rid of that problem later.

  AragornUK 21:27 13 Nov 2006

Thanks for the posts. Much appreciated.

I'll try the RAM, although from previous experience that seems to usually bring up the BSOD when misbehaving, but it's worth a look. The cables should be firmly located since they don't mooch about inside - I've threatened them with mucho moaning if they mess about in there. Again though it's worth a shot.

Yes, we've tried 'Last Known Good Configuration' and this is no use either. As for the Partition Magic CD, that is currently not an option due to accidental damage to it a year or so ago (it got trod on).

What I may have to do is hook the drive up to MY PC and use explorer to rescue the needed files, then try an over the top / side by side install to get it working then start again.

I will try that repair method though. I was using Recovery Console but forgot about about the other repair option.

Any more thoughts anyone?

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