XP Home Firewall

  CHAIRLEG 01:20 12 May 2004

I have enabled xp firewall.Downloaded leak test and every time firewall is penetrated.Is this something i am doing wrong or is this firewall no good.Suggestions please.

  TomJerry 01:29 12 May 2004

you could try Free ZoneAlarm click here, possibly the best free software firewall

  GaT7 01:32 12 May 2004

Most people say no good. Wait for SP2 which should have a better firewall.

In the meantime you could use one of these free ones - click here.

Many folks here use ZoneAlarm or Sygate.

  hugh-265156 01:41 12 May 2004

its not that the xp firewall is no good its because although it will stop incoming attacks it doesnt monitor outgoing requests thats why leaktest fails as it wants to go out not in.

any of the above will do both.

  CHAIRLEG 01:46 12 May 2004

When downloading should i disable anti virus etc.

  dagwoood 02:04 12 May 2004

You don't need to disable your antivirus s/w.

The safe way to change your firewall s/w is to download your new firewall s/w. Then disconnect from the internet. Disable the xp firewall. Install your new firewall software and configure it. You should then be safe to re-connect to the internet.


  hugh-265156 02:04 12 May 2004

the only time it is advisable to disable an AV when installing software but even then its just a precaution in case it should interfere with the set up program.

i never disable my av (avg) when installing software.

always keep your av running and scan any downloads before installing them.then disable the av if you want to temporarily.

  dagwoood 02:06 12 May 2004

Meant to add, do not re-enable your xp firewall after you've install your new one as conflicts can arise from running two firewalls at the same time.


  CHAIRLEG 19:51 12 May 2004

Thanks for all your help again i dont know how i would get along without you.

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