XP Home Edition(Upgrade Version)

  Taylor44 15:54 27 Jan 2003

I,m running windows 98 and would be interested to know if the xp upgrade version (Home Edition)will allow me to retain my old win 98 set-up and run the xp set-up on another partition and have the benefit of a dual boot system??.Any advice will be much appreciated

  Djohn 16:01 27 Jan 2003

Yes! set up XP on different partion, it will ask you for proof of 98.

  TechMad 16:01 27 Jan 2003

Yes you can do that, but you will need a partitioning tool such as "Partition Magic". Fdisk will allow you to create a similar set up but all your Win98 files will be lost, unless you back them up.

You may be asked to pop the Win98 CD in the drive just to verify that you can upgrade. Otherwise the set up will just use your current set up for verification.

  PSF 16:04 27 Jan 2003

When you do the upgrade XP with remove or store Win 98 and you can choose to keep all of your Win98 settings or have a new install.

I think you would have to re-install 98 on another partion I will leave that part for the dual booting experts.

  TechMad 16:06 27 Jan 2003

I'm not certain, but I think that the windowsXP setup allows you to create a partition, how ever this may use the fdisk methodology of working, so the safe bet is to go with Partition Magic.

  Taylor44 16:24 27 Jan 2003

Thankyou all for prompt replies

  User-312386 16:41 27 Jan 2003

just a quick one, if you only have a "restore to factory settings" disc you can only upgrade and not do a clean install.

i know that was not the question you asked but i just wanted to clarify the situation, just in case you ever wanted to do a clean install of XP


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