XP Home corrupt registry

  beeuuem 19:53 15 Apr 2003

On boot up the message is received
Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM
This is dealt with in
click here
As the computer is 150 miles away it is not possible for me to carry this out and the user is not able to do it -too complicated.
With Win98 it is possible, if not recommended, to install 'over the top' to reinstall the OS without affecting data and settings.
Would this work with XP Home?

  powerless 19:59 15 Apr 2003


You have to repair XP. Any updates etc will have to be reinstalled.

User files folder will remain.

click here to Repair Windows XP by Installing Over top of Existing Setup:

  powerless 20:00 15 Apr 2003

click here and click on "How to run a repair install".

  spikeychris 20:04 15 Apr 2003

The repair option in XP is similar to the 9X over the top option so that is an option.

click here for a user friendly explanation.

You do not have to wipe your partition and start over. Just as with previous versions of Windows you can install over top of an existing setup. This has the advantage of retaining your installed applications, data and settings. You will lose previously saved System Restore Points but System Restore will begin creating new restore points again immediately following the Repair Install.

If you had upgraded to SP1/SP1a you will need to reinstall it and any Critical Updates from the Windows Update Site. It is always prudent to backup important data before you make changes to XP.

Boot with the Windows XP CD and at the Setup Screen press the Enter Key

You will be taken to the Windows XP Licensing Agreement. Press F8

The next screen gives you the option to do a fresh (clean) install or to "Repair the selected Windows XP installation." Press "R"

Windows XP will copy the necessary files to your Hard Drive to begin the installation and will then reboot. You will see the message that informs you to "Press any key to boot the CD". Do not press any keys this time just wait a few seconds and the Windows Startup Screen will be displayed. Following this you will be greeted by the Windows XP Setup Screens.


When Setup has completed you should find all of your previously installed apps and settings are intact.

  spikeychris 20:17 15 Apr 2003

Snap Chris. Have you managed to sort out your synchronisation problem?


  powerless 20:26 15 Apr 2003

Yes i have thanks.

  beeuuem 21:04 15 Apr 2003

I'm about to try to talk my technophobe sister through this procedure. If I was there I would just do it on the principle that,at worst, I'd have to reformat. It is a bit different when the user is not very technical.

Thanks for your rapid replies, now I have someone to blame when it all goes wrong :-))

  beeuuem 22:25 15 Apr 2003

click here was used to repair the registry giving the instructions by 'phone -and it worked!!
I am impressed,both by the speed of the replies and the information.What appeared to be a major disaster was relatively easily cured.
Thanks to you all. :-))

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