XP Home is broke - advice please !

  Paul33 16:17 07 Apr 2010

My son's XP Home Pc has suddenly stopped booting beyond the user accounts screen. When he tries to login, he gets the message "A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer: error code:0x80004005".

The PC was bought off ebay just over six months ago and came with XP Home on board but no supporting OS discs.

I've tried to boot in Safe Mode but when I click on the Administrator account, the PC just reboots so I can't even get in to run the various Microsoft validation checks. If it turns out that I need to purchase a license then I'll do that but I can't get in to even do that !

My son has various files he needs to keep so I'm keen not to re-install anything (I have an XP disc from my own PC) but how do I achieve anything if I can't get past the user account screen ?

Any help appreciated !

  yaesu 16:29 07 Apr 2010

Hi, if you can get it to work and get onto the web have a look here click here might help. regards, yaesu

  The Kestrel 16:32 07 Apr 2010

Does the PC have a Microsoft sticker on the base unit. If so this will have the license key on it and can be used to reinstall windows using your XP disc, providing that yours is a retail version and not OEM. If there is no sticker, he may have to purchase another copy of XP so that he has a legitimate license key to use during installation. Is he a student? If so there as highly discounted offers for Microsoft software available.

  pjwheeldon 16:36 07 Apr 2010

As you are on here it looks like you have access to a 2nd PC. If so, and easy solution is to buy a USB HDD cradle (about £15 from web systems, for example).

Pull the HDD with the defective OS from your son's PC and plug it into the cradle attached to your PC.

As the HDD is now a passive slave you should be able to directly access the files and folders and save waht you need to your PC.

Once rescued, you can reformat the drive and put a clean install on there. Remember to find the OS licence code before formatting. The XP disc and licence you have for your own PC will probably allow you to intall this on your son's PC as well, but that would be stealing.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 07 Apr 2010

click here

explains what to do if you have a XP CD of the same tpye ie home on the PC = you need to borrow a xp home CD.

  Paul33 16:55 07 Apr 2010

Is there no way I can get past the user account screen to run diagnostics ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:56 07 Apr 2010

"came with XP Home
I have an XP disc from my own PC"

Therefore you should set the machine to boot from CD drive as first boot device and follow the instructions in the link from my previous post.

  Switcher 19:56 07 Apr 2010

For some reason all the text that I view or type in web sites such as PC advisor is in italics.
I cannot seem to alter this using either internet options or outlook express options

  Switcher 19:57 07 Apr 2010

That was meant to be a new thread

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