XP (Home) blue screens after LG GSA 4040 install

  the don 15:05 06 Oct 2003

Since installing my shiny new (highly rated in all the reviews) LG multi format DVD writer, I've suffered 4 Blue Screens - XP Crash analysis suggests a faulty device driver is to blame.

The DVD uses WinXP native drivers (or at least so the manual says) - so I'm not sure how to replace / repare / reinstall these, without the pain of reloading Windows.

Will a "Repair" installation work, or am I stuck with backing up all my data, downloaded apps (and reg keys) etc etc, and reinstalling Windows?.

Hope someone out there can help...

  spikeychris 16:45 06 Oct 2003

Well you certainly shouldn't have to re-install Windows. Have you un-installed the device from device manager in control panel?

If not do so, Windows will assign a generic driver at your next bootup.

  JIM 17:33 06 Oct 2003

besides the point that spikeychris has made,have you set the jumper settings for the use of master or slave correctly?

  the don 18:19 06 Oct 2003

Sadly, yes - already tried uninstalling several times, and allowing Windows to redetect.

The drive is a slave on my secondary IDE channel, according to the manual, it can be either master or slave. I'l reverse it (so DVD becomes master) and repost with the results - probably tomorrow or Wednesday.

Thanks for the advice so far guys. fingers crossed!.

  the don 10:16 08 Oct 2003

Hmmm - things not much better.

Took CDRW out, made DVD Master (using known good IDE connector previously used by CDRW) - Windows crashed a few hours later - same analysis - Faulty Driver.

Ran LG Firmware update (defined as speed improvement, no mention of compatibilty / stability - but I'm getting desperate!) from LG's site - worked fine.

Burnt a CDR succesfully in the LG DVD drive.

Then tried to burn 2.5Gb data to a (Verbatim) DVD+RW, windows restarted half way through, and Crash detection / analysis again blamed a Driver.

In despair I ran the Windows XP Repair installation overnight from my XP CD, but haven't yet had a chance to re-test the drive.

If this hasn't fixed it, I'm thinking of installing another copy of WinXP, and creating a dual boot, to see if the drive works OK under a clean build.

Anybody got any better (and ideally less drastic) idea's?.

Hope you can help.

  the don 10:55 14 Oct 2003

None of the above worked, so I installed a clean build of XP, and this solved it.

I've just got to spend the next fortnight finding old printouts of licence keys for downloaded apps, picking up Windows & Virus updates, and worst of all, apologising to er'indoors for not backing up her email properly.

Ho hum - who ever said repalcing disk drives was easy!!.

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