Xp home and BB setup problems.

  Dorsai 20:25 20 Jul 2004

Following a (suspected) hardware malfunction on Saturday i have been having problems getting back onto my BB connection.

I have XP home, A belkin 5 port USB PCI card (i think my on-board USB controller died, the hardware malf, so got a 5 port belkin USB PCI card), Tiscali 3x, with a sagem [email protected] 800-840 USB modem.

I have managed to get a reliable connection established to my BB provider, but only if i sign into XP as the System administrator.

All other users for the PC can not access BB. Their login completely fails to detect the fact that there is a USB BB modem to start with, if they try to turn the PC off the PC hangs, and the reset button has to be used.

When SYS ADMIN logs on the modem behaves as expected. The lights are unlit, then the power light comes on, then, a few seconds later, the ADSL light flashes for a bit, then it lights up continuously.

Accompanying this modem light activity the DSLMON (a program supplied with the modem) icon in the bottom right starts as a red triangle (lights off, not connected) goes yellow (ADSL light flashing, connecting) and the goes green (ADSL light lit continuously, synchronized, connection established).

This takes only a few seconds. Once the lights on the modem are both lit, and the DSLMON icon has gone all green i can log on to the net no problems.

FOr all other users the modem lights both light instantly. Thee DLSMON program starts, as a red triangle, and instantly shuts down. No connection can be made to BB.

I have obviously not set the soft ware up correctly, but am at a loss as to what i need do do.

  hillybilly 22:35 20 Jul 2004

I've had problems loading various software in the past. Not necessary modems but it could be linked! Often when you install something there is a box to be ticked which is asking whether this installation is for adminsistator only OR all users. Now if you miss that box when you log on under a different user the program cannot be used.

Had this once where I had to make every user an administrator to install the program and then had to reduce their user rights after installation. Hve not got a clue why, but at the time it was a workaround that did the job!

  Dorsai 07:25 21 Jul 2004

I have uninstalled and installed the divers several times, and unfortunatly don't get the option to make the modem avaliable to all users.

But i am sure i am missing somthing really really basic, and will feel a compleat fool when i find out what.

  hillybilly 01:33 22 Jul 2004

Have you done it yet!

  Dorsai 20:23 22 Jul 2004

I managed to get it to work fine for the system admin for two days. Could not use BB at all as any other user. But as it was letting me in left the PC turned on, did not want to upset anyting.

Finally thought i had craked it, and turned the PC off over night, and was back to no BB at all, for anyone. it just does not know that there is a USb modem plugged in.

Got well cheseed off, and went to work, leaving the PC turned on. When i came home and signed in as SYS admin it worked. Tried other PC users and they worked too.

It would seem the PC has to 'warm up' before it will work. tried this eve. Turn PC on, no medem, wait half an hour, and it is fine.

Turn the PC off, let it all get cold, and no BB connection.

I guess there is a bad connection somwhere in the PC or modem.

wait till it has all got hot, and the bits expand, and close the gap. Have already tried removing cards and re-seating. Will just not turn the damn thing off.

Not really a solution, but a bodge that works.

  hillybilly 12:17 23 Jul 2004

Try talking to your ISP, you might just find that the adsl line icould be in consistent, ask them to do a line check!

  Dorsai 17:36 23 Jul 2004

Will try that. Can't do any harm can it.

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