xp home addition disc

  pete1966 20:27 08 Nov 2004

where can i purchase a disc, i never got one when i purchased my p.c
thanks anyone?

  VoG II 20:29 08 Nov 2004

PC World or just about any other PC shop.

  pete1966 20:35 08 Nov 2004

thanks VoG, i did actualy ring up 2 p.c shops and they reacted as if i was asking for something unfamilar to them lol, pc world it is then, thanx

  Kalb 20:49 08 Nov 2004

Have a care.....before you rush off & purchase an XP disc.
If you already have XP loaded on your PC it has a unique 'footprint/serial number' which has been recorded at Microsoft at activation.
If you purchase another disc it will not be a duplicate of your original XP but an entirely new and individual edition of XP which if you use it will require activation in order to replace your original copy.
What you should do is go back to your original supplier for an original copy of XP on your PC.
If you are hell bent on purchasing another copy of XP then go for an OEM version it is much cheaper.

  Belatucadrus 20:57 08 Nov 2004

click here it's an oem copy so you may have to cough up for a bit of hardware as well, but as the in store price is about £180 it's not a bad buy.

  Dorsai 21:13 08 Nov 2004

XP home can be bought easily. click here
but it costs. £90 for upgrade, £163.00 full version

OEM copies should only come with a PC. O=Original E=Equipment M=Manufacture. Ie with a PC.

But an OEM copy is cheaper, but not fully cosher, if not bought with a PC.

Yes XP, when registered with M/Soft, registers a 'hardware hash'. Trying to register the same copy on a substantially different PC will fail, the 'hardware hash' will not match.

But a with a new copy this should not be a problem. The new copy wont yet be registerd. So it wont have an old 'hardware hash' to check against.

But if you did not get a copy of the Xp disk with the PC, you should have some form of hidden partition. how to access i dont know.

If not a disk or a hidden restore partition, you would i think have little choice but to buy XP, in some form or another.

One choice, that might be cheaper, but i dont know how 'legal' is to buy a proper copy of one of the old versions, which these days are cheap, and an upgrade XP disk.

XP full version about $160 and the upgrade £90. If you can pick up a second hand copy of 95/98/ME for £10, that is £100, not £160.

  BRYNIT 21:16 08 Nov 2004

Cecking old threads if you have the CD-key for your windows and the files on your PC you may be able to create your own disc without having to buy another copy click here this may help

  Jackcoms 21:20 08 Nov 2004

Is there a subtle difference between XP Home addition and XP Home edition??

I use the latter. :-)

  chris05 21:22 08 Nov 2004

which xp home :-) joking

  chris05 21:24 08 Nov 2004

Have a look here mate click here hope this helps

  pete1966 21:32 08 Nov 2004

thank you guys, i didn't realise it was sooooooooo expensive to be honest, i may think again lol, thank you ALL

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