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  ramblerjohn 22:34 20 Jul 2004

I run windows 98se at the moment can i upgrade to XP Home without losing all my files and programs.

  hillybilly 22:37 20 Jul 2004

The easy answer is yes if you buy an upgrade package.

Buif you are running (*se check themin. requirements first!

  spanneress 22:38 20 Jul 2004

You *can* upgrade but you are better off saving off all your files etc you wish to keep and installing fresh as 98 and XP work on a different file system...the latter being more efficient.

Alternatively..install XP on a partition if your PC is sturdy enough.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:38 20 Jul 2004

Yes if you install as an upgrade.

  Grantrh 22:41 20 Jul 2004

Yes I think you can. The XP CD has the capacity to either do a clean install or to update your OS to XP.

I have done this with XP Pro myself so I imagine XP home will be the same.

  hillybilly 22:42 20 Jul 2004

Dreadful typing! Sorry.

The easy answer is yes if you buy an upgrade package.

But if you are running 98se check the min. requirements first!

Have to agree with Spanneress about backing up but then you should always do that before any upgrade!

  woodchip 22:44 20 Jul 2004

Well I have XP on a new DeskTop and New Laptop but Still think Win98se's better

  woodchip 22:45 20 Jul 2004

only thing going for it is USB 2 support

  hillybilly 22:47 20 Jul 2004

I run a network with every thing from 98 first edition an that includes to versions of small business server, yes your right! no wizards!

  Grantrh 22:48 20 Jul 2004

You can convert the file system to NTFS by opening a command prompt window from the accessories list and typing the following:

convert c: /FS:NTFS

and follow the instructions.

  woodchip 22:53 20 Jul 2004

Win98 gets the job Done without all the bit popping up. Do you want to this or do that, it eats disc space like there is no tomorrow. I am using 98 to type this. on plain old Dial-Up

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