XP HE over windows98se

  Sisha 19:14 20 Apr 2003

SHould I chuck in win98se for XP Home edition or just stick with old (so called faithfull)windows 98?

  MAJ 19:19 20 Apr 2003

Dual boot and decide for yourself, Sisha, I think that's about the best solution.

  slaveofconvention 20:07 20 Apr 2003

Does 98 work ok and do everything you want it to?
I personally am a great fan of the saying "If it aint broke, dont fix it"

XP offers 2 main advantages in my experience (Running XP pro on one machine, XP home on 2 and a laptop) - The first is memory use - if you're using over 256MB, 98 doesnt use it that efficiently, and the second is stability - I find that XP is more stable than 98 was...

I did the dual boot thing for 3 months, then scrapped the 98 installation.

  wee eddie 21:00 20 Apr 2003

as '98 reaches the end of it's supported life. you will find that there is an increase in the number of conflicts with new software, updates and downloads.

These are almost all cureable but you will spend an increasing amount of your time sorting them. It's sad to say, but unless you value your own time at nothing, it may be cheaper to upgrade.

  Sisha 11:32 21 Apr 2003


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