xp has got tired of my printer and scanner

  holly polly 18:16 02 Jun 2003

hi wonder if any one out there can help me ,i recently upgraded too xp ,this was a clean installation after i had reformatted the hard drive ,everything was ok until the other day when after a boot up the icon for my epson c82 and station monitor dissapeared from the task bar ,i have gone into control panel printers and faxes and my printer is not listed,i tried the latest drivers too no avail,still nothing ,i uninstalled the software for my c82 printer and tried reinstalling it,windows will not recognise it,when i plug the usb cablle into the device i hear a bleep from windows but the add new hardware wizard no longer works {anyone know how i can enable this again}it is really doin my head in i have tried everything i can think of but yet nothing ,please can someone help and return me to sanity?ps somethin is happening because as i said when i plug the usb cable in windows beeps but doesnt identify the hardware,many thanks all replies gratefully recived.

  Rayuk 18:50 02 Jun 2003

Can you use system restore to go back to when it was working ok
Have you installed anything else inbetween

  holly polly 18:58 02 Jun 2003

tried system restore too no avail unless i havent gone back far enough ,have installed microsoft office xp and upgraded to win media player 9 ,cheers holly polly

  Rayuk 19:10 02 Jun 2003

Shouldnt you plug the usb cable into the pc not the printer after loading drivers.Is the cable attached to your pc all the time??

  holly polly 19:30 02 Jun 2003

tried it all ways still no joy any suggestions?

  Rayuk 19:40 02 Jun 2003

Does the usb work with anything else plugged in.
Have you use WinXP hardware troubleshooter.
Is there a yellow mark in Device Manager on the usb controller

  misery 19:45 02 Jun 2003

Disconnected both the scanner and the printer from the USB port on your computer and, removed all mention of both from Device Manager? When you have, reboot and then you download the latest drivers for both peripherals and remember where you put the driver files on your computer. Shut down. connect either of the peripherals to a USB port on the computer and reboot. Computer shpuld now find and instal the correct drivers for the scanner/printer. When installed follow the same procedure for the second piece of equipment. All sould be well.

  holly polly 19:54 02 Jun 2003

could you please tell me ,exactly how do i access the device manager?

  Rayuk 20:00 02 Jun 2003

Start/ControlPanel/Performance & Maintainance/System/Hardware/Device Manager

  ams4127 21:02 02 Jun 2003

In Device Manager select System, then Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Select each USB Root Hub in turn, select Properties and then click on the Power Management tab and de-select the box allowing the computer to turn off this device to save power. OK your way out and reinstall your printer etc.

  holly polly 21:11 02 Jun 2003

just tried it again disconnected usb cables from comp tried installing software which came with printer ,got as for as installing driver ,detecting device -unable too find yet again getting really vexed out by this my cigarette intake has increased 100 fold any more suggestions?

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