XP Graphics Problems

  Shaunj1985 22:35 09 Jan 2005

I'm running a amd athlon xp2500+, 128mb nvidia geforce4 onboard graphics, 480mb ram. i purchased the system 2 years ago without an os, so i installed it with an old windows 98, i then done a full format and installed windows me. both with no problems. recently i thought i shoudl upgrade to XP, however, on the upgrade from ME, i was warned that some files would need upgrading for some of my hardware,this i expected. after installation, i reinstalled all drivers for chipsets and graphics alike for the xp versions, the system seemed to work fine until i tried 2 run a game, the graphics seemed to be going in slow motion. i formatted the HD and tried a full install, and again, the graphics are in slow motion. i've tried updated versions of direct x, new nvidia drivers, new chipset drivers, the service packs, but nothing. Does anyone have any idea whats going on? Any help would greatly appreciated, thanks.

  Sans le Sou 23:01 09 Jan 2005

Which game is it? Only it is possible that your graphics accelerator is not up to the requirements of the software

  gudgulf 00:15 10 Jan 2005

You have answered your own question with the words "onboard graphics"......if it is a modern game you are trying to run the frame rate will be more like a slide show,lol.If you want to play anything but the built in Windows games then you need a dedicated graphics card.Give us an idea of the full system specs and type of game you wish to play and we can advise further.

  Bleep 11:16 10 Jan 2005

'128mb nvidia geforce4 onboard graphics'

Thats your culprit as mentioned above, post full specs RAM - Motherboard etc and games you want to play and how much you want to spend.

  Shaunj1985 18:39 11 Jan 2005

my full specs are:
I'm not saure of the name of the motherboard, it's a Nforce Motherboard (Winfast K7 NCR18GM/ K7 NCF18DM)
amd athlon xp 2500+ at 1.8ghz
556mb ddr ram
128mb Nvidia GeForce4 integrated GPU

The games aren't the problem, even the pinball game bundled with xp runs at a slow motion rate, however, when using Me or 98, the games run at normal speed. It isn't a simple case of me not meeting system specs, i meet them, the graphics show up fine, they just run in a matrix style bullet type, i'd say at 1/3 of the usual speed. some flash animation seems to run at normal speed, so i'm not sure if there is a problem with my motherboard/onboard graphics. i dont know if this is the case, because the system runs well on ME with games like Unreal 2004 and Half-Life 2, it's just under xp where things start 2 go wrong. I thought that the hardware might not be compatible,. but in the motherboard handbook, it's instalklation guid is for XP. This is why i'm stumped. the graphics are fine on a lower end windows, yet on the newer windows everything seems to be in slow motion.

  gudgulf 16:01 12 Jan 2005

It could be a number of things,First check your display settings and try defragmenting the hard drive.You should also open the run box in the start menu and type "dxdiag" (without the quotes). Have a look in the directx files and display tabs.You are looking for any problems identified with directx and checking that hardware/ agp acceleration etc is enabled.
If you open device manager (in control panel /performance and maintainance/system/hardware) and look first of all for any yellow exclaimation marks which would signify a problem and then click on the + sign by IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.In there right click on each of the IDE channels ,select properties/advanced settings and make sure all transfer mode settings say "DMA if available"

Good luck.

  Shaunj1985 12:54 04 Feb 2005

Firstly thanks for all of the ideas everyone put forward, i've not managed to get online for a while to check up on things...however after trying everything stated, the problem persists. during the last two weeks i've tried reinstalling windows xp..and even tried windows 2000, all tht i've come up with so far is tht my geforce 4 integrated gpu doesn't seem to like these sytems in the slighest. I'm not sure if somehow the drivers dont work correctly, but after installing every driver known to man for these gpu, still nothing. i thought tht maybe the gpu wasn't supported but it clearly states on both the windows 2000 and xp supported hardware sites that there shouldn't be a problem. I'm now thinking about purchasing a new graphics card in te hope that this is the only thing faulty. Thank you for all of your help and if anyone has any idea's new ideas i'll be happy to listen. cheers

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