in xp graphic card problem the balloon flashes

  frankie 20:37 12 Mar 2003

in xp graphic card problem the balloon flashes,found new hardware,about 10 times,and in device manager there are loads of yellow question marks.indicating found new hardware all to do with graphic multiple loading.which indicates everytime balloon flashes it is finding same i uninstall all and manually install driver,shut down and all is fine.but it has now done this two nights on graphic card breaking down intermittently?.or is it something else more sinister..on occasions i have had multiple bleeps on pressing turn on button,but if i imediatly press reset all is fine,again this is intermitant,have reseated card..

  User-312386 21:25 12 Mar 2003

it sounds like you may have to load the graphics manually!

Have you onborad graphics? Is onboard disabled?

  frankie 21:36 12 Mar 2003

sorry should have said i have geo 4 card installed the on board graphics disabled. same set up for over a year no probs.somehow is intermitently losing driver,have the latest one.havent downloaded nothing affect it.i can understand somehow losing driver and reinstalling should then be fine,but why does windows try to load and load same card,normally the balloon pops up says new hardware founf ok but doesnt flash,for every flash it puts another yellow tick.have reloaded drivers shut down restarted all is fine now,as i say is intermitent.

  frankie 21:37 12 Mar 2003

sorry meant to say thanks for response.

  frankie 08:32 13 Mar 2003

said it was odd

  frankie 19:49 13 Mar 2003

done a reset,xp done file checker and loaded one in local pc shops could help either..

  frankie 11:09 14 Mar 2003

still unresolved 3 days later.unusual for this site

  powerless 11:11 14 Mar 2003

Faulty card, i would say...

  jazzypop 11:27 14 Mar 2003

What drivers are you using?

If XP finds a device (your graphics card) using drivers that have not been 'digitally signed' by Microsoft, but has a set of digitally signed drivers available, it will sometimes decide to revert to the digitally signed driver.

It is possible that you are getting into this loop. Go to the site, download the latest signed drivers, and install them - pay close attention to the installation instructions.

  frankie 16:48 16 Mar 2003

got that driver already but redone it and that one comes up not digitally signed the xp 41.09 that said dec 3rd.....

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