xp freezes some times

  01wrightc 21:36 17 Feb 2004

how am i to eliminated this problem form occurring, the problem is it doesn't do it right away or after e.x. 6 hours. please help chris wright

  moore_mat 21:43 17 Feb 2004

Hi Chris

Just to clarify your message - are you saying your computer doesn't crash straight away? But does if it's left on for a long time?

If that's the case, it could be a heat problem. The fans in your computer blow air around to keep it cool. If any of them fail, or don't work very well, your computer will heat up. This can then cause your PC to crash - obviously it won't happen straight away (when it's cold) but later; once it's heated up.

One way to prove this is to try opening the side of your case to let more air in and see if it improves. While it's off, check all the fans and make sure they are all still spinning!

If that solves the problem, you might want to buy more fans for your computer.

Hope this is of some use

[email protected]

  01wrightc 18:59 21 Feb 2004

thanks for the info i will test it out


  Indigo 1 19:12 21 Feb 2004

Dust inside a case is a major cause of PC freezes and lock-ups. Gently blow it all out, a vacuum cleaner is helpful but make sure you cover the nozzle with something like nylon tights to catch any jumpers that might get pulled in. Compressed air is best available in cans from computer stores but again be careful not to dislodge jumpers.

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