Xp Freezes at Same Point on Boot Up

  axelbrora 07:16 23 Mar 2007


Hope someone can help. My son's computer is freezing at the same point every time he trys to boot up.

His system is XP - SP2 on a Pentium 3 with 500MB ram. It has been running great since I gave to him about a year ago. It is kepy up to date with the latest Window updates, and is cleaned regularily with Avast, Ccleaner and Regscrub, Adaware etc.

Booting up goes fine and gets as far as the black screen with the Windows XP logo and the blue loading bar at the bottom. Usually at the end of that screen the screen goes blank for a second then brings up the light blue screen with "loading personal settings" etc. just before the desk top.

At the end of the black screen with the logo the screen goes blank and stay that way. The next screen, light blue, does not come up and system has frozen.

I have tried the following:

Last good configuration - same result.

System Restore - same result.

Start in Safe mode - OK. Once started in Safe Mode received confirmation that the System Restore, tried earlier and froze, had been sucessful and the system was now restored to the earlier point I had set. Tried starting normally same result, froze at the same point.

Booted from XP CD, then Recovery Console - Tried "repair" froze at same point. Replaced boot.ini with fixboot, no difference. Nervous about trying the fixmbr due to the warnings as I could access the hard disk.

Changed to C: Prompt and run checkdisk, no difference.

Booted from XP Startup disk - same result froze at exactly the same point.

Tried re-installing XP on top of itself - went through all of the configuration settings etc. then the first time the Setup programme rebooted it froze at exactly the same point.

It looks as if all that is left is a re-format and clean reinstall of Windows, which is rather drastic as he has not made any backups of his data, bad boy!

Can anyone help?


  billyliv 08:52 23 Mar 2007

Hi, If you have, or can get hold of another hard drive. (prices are so low that it would pay to buy one). Set the new drive as master and your existing drive as slave. Re-instal XP etc. on new drive. you will be able to access the old drive for your data (Unless the drive is beyond help).If the drive that is causing the trouble is a 'Maxtor' get someone to download 'Maxblast' from the 'Maxtor' site and create a bootable floppy which will test the drive and tell you if the drive is on its way out. Cheers, Bill.L.

  chub_tor 12:12 23 Mar 2007

Not too sure about this but if you can get into Safe Mode then there is nothing wrong with the hard drive and if it frezes on loading personal settings then it stands to reason that they are causing the problem. If you can create a new account to boot into while you are in Safe Mode (that's the bit I'm unsure about) you might be half way there for getting the system going again. Beware of deleting his existing account without backing up his My Documents etc as you will lose these as well as his settings. Once you have got a new account going you can transfer over the Documents and Settings and rename it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:38 23 Mar 2007

If it boots to safe mode and not to normal mode then chances are its a corrupt device driver (which doesn't get replaced during a repair).

Boot to safe mode and remove the drivers one at a time starting with the graphics driver.

See if it will then boot to normal and find and install new hardware thus replacing the drivers.

  axelbrora 16:40 23 Mar 2007

Thanks for that.

"Boot to safe mode and remove the drivers one at a time starting with the graphics driver"

Where do I find all of the device drivers?


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