XP firewall is it any good?

  grumpano 12:54 27 Mar 2005

My Norton firewall is about to expire, and as they want £20 to update i was thinking of using the XP firewall,or even changing my whole security package. Any advise would be welcome.

  Fingees 12:57 27 Mar 2005

Use free version of ZoneAlarm, search Google for it.
it works far better than Norton.

  grumpano 12:59 27 Mar 2005

Is this a comeplete security program ?

  pat-212841 13:20 27 Mar 2005

I just uninstalled all of Norton and have now got AVg antivirus and Zonealarm firewall best thing i ever done was to get rid of norton cause i couldnt update it and only way was to uninstall and re-install as it was already on the computer i thought it was best just to get rid of it .

  grumpano 13:29 27 Mar 2005

Ok i'm thinking of doing this. What is the best way of removing Noton anti virus and firewall ?

  fsbb 14:08 27 Mar 2005

Get AVG Antivirus, Zone Alarm Firewall and other FREE security programmes (Spyware etc etc) click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:12 27 Mar 2005
  JaßîsFaß ˜ 14:34 27 Mar 2005

Securing XP - see click here

(Don't rely on the XP firewall)

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 14:37 27 Mar 2005

See item 4 re removing existing click here

  DoubleDutch 15:33 27 Mar 2005

Don't fix it. My experiance is that if NAV/NIS works for you then stick with it and pay the £20.

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