XP firewall and CA e trust antivirus

  User-9F8AF0A3-F852-43C6-8A7B55A65FE9307D 15:09 15 Jan 2005

I have XP SP2, Sygate personal firewall and e trust antivirus and I have found that the sheduled update of e trust is not successful when the XP firewall is turned on. XP firewall is configured to allow e trust under the Exceptions tab but it appears still to interfere.
Maybe I should leave XP firewall off and just rely on Sygate. Is that a good thing to do?

  VoG II 15:12 15 Jan 2005

Yes, turn the Windows firewall off.

  woodchip 15:49 15 Jan 2005

You should only run one Firewall, eTrust also as it's own Firewall. You should decide which Firewall you want to run and turn all the others off

I didn't know that e trust included a firewall and a quick look at the software failed to show me where it is. Its good to have the peace of mind to know that I can turn off the windows firewall in spite if the warnings given by XP.

  Dennis1 16:13 15 Jan 2005

Before you do anything check that your e-trust antivirus does include a firewall, the one I used did not have any firewall included.
I don't like to think that you might leave yourself open to attack.

OK. Many thanks to Woodchip & Vog, I reckon the problem is sorted. I will look further into the CA situation & I definitely will not knowingly be without a firewall.

  woodchip 21:51 15 Jan 2005

Thank's I am coverd, As I use Avast and ZoneAlarm. I only had eTrust for three months with new Computer then used Panda Platinum Free for six months That had it's own Firewall, Now on the Free stuff

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