XP Firewall....?

  sorefingers 17:22 25 May 2004

,,,can anyone advise me on which firewall is easiest to set up? I have used Zonealarm, but recently my system has been invaded by zillions of trojans plus lovsan etc...nothing seems to work well!! I have had to use the restore partition facility on my HP three times in as many days to get rid of the invaders!!
I have AVG running also - is the resident XP firewall any use?

  Gaz 25 17:29 25 May 2004

XP firewall handles incoming attacks well, but as for oubound protection it aint have any. Thus, being a skimpy firewall, otherwise quite good.

Get agnitum or kerio, both free and excellent.

  Belatucadrus 17:33 25 May 2004

Agnitum free version has bitten the dust, for a freebie try Kerio.

  Fruit Bat 17:37 25 May 2004

XP firewall prettybasic Zonealarm better firewalls will not stop trojans being installed make sure AVG is uptodate. also run spyware blaster click here and Adaware click here

  Djohn 17:38 25 May 2004

I have just started using the XP firewall in anticipation of the better one that will come with SP2. Until last week I never used a firewall of any sort but do use AVG anti-virus/spybot S&D/adaware.

Firewall will not stop virus from coming through though, only a good up to date anti-virus program will do that. j.

  hugh-265156 17:38 25 May 2004

zonealarm is a good one.

you still need to be careful in allowing access to program alerts though.if in doubt deny access.

install an antivirus like avg and keep it up to date and scan regularly.

install some anti spyware software like spybot adaware and spyware blaster click here click here click here keep these up to date also and scan regularly too.

get windows up to date click here scan for updates and install anything listed as critical or security related.

  spuds 22:43 25 May 2004

Try Tom-Cat, which as a selection of most things, and information, downloads on various products click here

  mbp 22:57 25 May 2004

Firewall is mainly to stop Hackers etc. from getting into your computer and compromising your data or stealling all your information therein or playing havoc with your PC's guts. It is not to designed to stop viruses. You need an anti=virus program for that. So you need both programs, but not more than one of each or you could build up conflicts. If you use a 3rd party firewall, before installing it, turn off your XP firewall first, then install 3rd party. Layer your protection.

  dotterel 23:28 25 May 2004

Sounds insulting, but you may have made the same mistake as me and left your anti-virus disabled after installing a program....

  mbp 09:31 26 May 2004

dotterel, your comments are too vague, and I am not sure to whom and what your are referring to. So I cannot follow your thoughts!

  dotterel 22:43 27 May 2004

Sorry about that - you're right. I was replying to the original post and sort of following on from huggyg71. As was pointed out, you need antivirus to stop trojans, not a firewall. I was suggesting that sorefingers may have accidentally left his disabled and that was the source of his problems, not the non-functioning firewall.

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