xp failure to recognise discs

  peug417 15:45 07 Sep 2003

My pc with xp has an annoying habit. If i have a disc in my cd drive it shows up on my explorer correctly. When i open the drive to remove the cd it to changes to show just the drive, but when i put a new disc in it still shows the old one. f5 a few times sometimes works else its a restart.


  peug417 18:52 10 Apr 2004


  peug417 18:06 29 May 2005

Anyone got any ideas 1 year on?

  Ancient Learner 21:58 29 May 2005

That sound weird. After all this time, I'm afraid that I would get myself a new DVD drive, they are so cheap nowadays. (A DVD writer will also write CDs)

  Completealias 23:23 29 May 2005

I had a similar problem with my laptop drive not regonising discs I used the autoplay repair wizard from microsoft click here which fixed it for me worth a try

  BT 09:00 30 May 2005

Have a similar problem with both drives on my Advent T9202. Often when you put in a disc the drives whirrs for a few seconds then the whole computer just freezes and has to be switched off and rebooted. Tried Autofix which seems to work for a while. Also tried uninstalling both drives on the Hardware page and rebooting which again had limited success.Took off the side and reseated all the cable connections. This seems to have had the most success with only one lock-up this week, so it seems that this is where the problem is coming from.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:37 30 May 2005

TRy uninstalling and reinstalling th IDE channel the CD/ DVD are connected to, not just the drives themselves.

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