XP Error Messages

  denali 09:52 22 Dec 2007

I have a laptop used solely for word processing. On it I only have Office 20007 and a printer. On boot up I get told I have no firewall no AV and no windows udate. Is there any way I can stop this message appearing.? Thank you.

  sidecar sid 09:56 22 Dec 2007

Open security center in control panel.
Click on change theway security centre alerts me and remove the ticks from the boxes.

  birdface 09:56 22 Dec 2007

Control Panel.Security Center.Change the way Security Center Alerts me.Un-tick all three boxes. Ok.

  birdface 09:58 22 Dec 2007

I will have to brush up on my typing skills.But I think Denali will get the message.

  sidecar sid 10:08 22 Dec 2007

I posses two very fast typing fingers.

  denali 10:08 22 Dec 2007

Thank you both very much. Must be wonderful to know what you are doing!! Merry Christmas.

  birdface 10:18 22 Dec 2007

I possess two very slow typing fingers you would have thought that I would have got a bit quicker over the years.And Denali glad it's sorted now and a Merry Christmas to both of you.

  sidecar sid 10:31 22 Dec 2007

Seasons greetings to you both.

  Technotiger 10:38 22 Dec 2007

I posses two very fast typing fingers.

Yeah, but they can't spell LoL -

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!

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