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XP drivers update pop-up

  Truronian 17:44 14 Dec 2013

I was directed to this site whilst i was browsing :click here Is this genuine MS site and is it safe to use? I have installed SP3.

  lotvic 18:18 14 Dec 2013

No it's not a MS site. It belongs to "SlimWare Utilities Inc." the popup you had is an Advert to get you thinking you need to update your Drivers and spend money on their program. Did you notice this part?:

"Download Details: Free Scan for XP, Vista, 7& 8 Price 29.97 1 Year License"

You don't need to update your drivers if you are not having a problem with them.

You do not need to buy a Driver. They are free from manufacturers websites and that is where you should get them from.

  Truronian 19:24 14 Dec 2013

Thank you, Lotvic

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