XP Doesn't Start?

  iced_ms 18:53 21 Sep 2004

I don't think that is a good explanation of what is happening really.
When i boot up it starts i see the boot screen then the XP screen and xp must be starting to load then it knocks the monitor off.
The HD shows that the computer is running but all i have is a black screen. If i reboot it again says windows failed to load....... any ideas would be very much appreciated.

iced :)

  Simon_P 19:21 21 Sep 2004

Have you closd the PC down compleatly and turned it off then started it up again, instead of restarting it?

Sometimes this will solve a problem like you are having.

  iced_ms 19:26 21 Sep 2004

Hi Simon

Yes loads of times. I don't understand it, this seems to be a recurring problem. I use the computer shut down then the next time i turn it on it won't work. No one has touched the computer in between.
I fiddled with where it plugs into the back of the computer and after several goes it did start but as it is a relatively new computer i'm a bit concerned. :)

  cdb 19:38 21 Sep 2004

If it's under warrenty let them look at it.

  Simon_P 19:39 21 Sep 2004

Will it boot in safe mode?

To enter safe mode press and hold F8 on boot up, you will then get a boot menu

select safe mode and press enter.

Safe mode is very basic with the bear minimum needed to run Windows

If you can get into windows in safe mode you can do a virus scan (manually) and system restore.

  VoG II 19:42 21 Sep 2004

Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Log on with an account that is a member of the administrators group

At the command prompt, type


Press Enter

This will load the System Rsetore console.

  iced_ms 19:49 21 Sep 2004

Hi cdb
I had similar problems with it when i bought it when trying to load the OS, so i ended up taking it back a couple of times and they said it didn't happen when they had it. The final time i took it back i told them i was going to get it bench tested cause i bought it on the credit card which meant is was insured for 90 days. When i picked it up they said it was a mobo problem and that they had installed a new better one to make up for the problems i had had.
I worked fine for a while but has started again..... i get a blue screen sometimes telling me its dumping physical memory to disk?????? No idea what that's about.
So i don't want to take it back cause i have no confidence in the repair and its got all my personal stuff on it now anyway.
Yes it boots into safe mode i did a system restore but that didn't have any effect. I have run several virus scans while i have been having this problem.
I'm wondering if its a driver issue
i have a radeon 9200 graphics card and a nivida nforce mobo.... what do you think?

  Simon_P 20:02 21 Sep 2004

The memory dump is for diagnostics that can be sent to Microsoft for analysis.

It could be a driver issue; unfortunately I don’t have specific knowledge of that mobo or graphics card.

The point that you said that it sometimes boots when you fiddle with the wires may indicate that there may be a broken wire or dodgy connecter.

You could try a restore point from further back.

VoG is more likely to come up with something more useful

  Simon_P 20:07 21 Sep 2004

But does the mobo have on board graphics and if so is it disabled in the BOIS?

Do you knoe the mobo model number?

  iced_ms 20:08 21 Sep 2004

Simon i have changed monitors twice and it happened with all three eventually..... XP is pretty new to me and it driving me daft. I wanted to partition the hard drive as its 160gb and they have left it as one partition but i'm a bit worried about giving it a go because of all the problems.
I have loaded OS's on many machines but have some real concerns about trying it with this.
Thanks for the help it is very much appreciated :)

  Simon_P 20:48 21 Sep 2004

If you want to go down that rout, I would do something like 20GB for the OS and split the rest into 2 or 3 partitions to keep them a manageable size.
The next thing is have you got a proper XP CD or is it a restore pack?

This of course is getting away from the current issue, and a clean install may solve it if it is a software issue, but not if there is a problem with a hardware device.

Bearing in mind also you will need to try to retrieve any important data that you have on you drive. I would recommend that you do that first.

When you are ready to do a format and partition XP install guide
Clean install XP
click here

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