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XP doesn't see second HDD

  zoobie 03:13 23 Jul 2007

Windows suddenly doesn't see my second HDD (DRIVE_D).

Ran system restore
It's seen in BIOS
It's seen in Hardware Device Manager as operating correctly
I've replaced the ribbon cable
Double checked the jumper settings, it's still set to slave
In Disk Management, it's only seen as disk1 (D:), healthy, active(?), 56gb (it's actually 250gb), file type: blank, no label
Linux Knoppix used to see DRIVE_D, now it says it can't read the format (RAW)
Substituted another HDD as my primary master (DRIVE_C) difference
Windows Explorer sees it as local drive D (lost it's label) and when I click it, it asks if I want to format it
Ran Maxtor Hard Drive diagnostic disk...both HDD's are good
Ran errors
Disconnected optical drives
Checked for loose wires
Re-installed all drivers I could think of
Switched ribbon cables around

This is very strange especially since I've had no problems for 2 years. Then, you wake up one day and it's all gone. Not exactly reliable...

512 RAM

  zoobie 06:14 23 Jul 2007

I now remember this happened to me once before with a brief power outage. The drive thinks it's now fat32. I did something before that simply allowed me to change it back to NTFS. I used the command prompt D: /FS:NTFS but it's starting at C:\Documents and Settings\me>
Where did I goof?

  Terry Brown 07:58 23 Jul 2007

I had a similar problem a while ago, but mine was intermittent, sometimes on boot it would see the second drive, other times it would not. I finally traced it to a loose connection in the power plug into the drive, used a 'spare' plug and problem was cured.

  zoobie 09:45 23 Jul 2007

2nd HDD is showing RAW in Windows and only 58gb. This is a serious failure and I'd like to know just what would cause this. My Knoppix which actually worked the last time this happened now can't read the RAW. I'm trying different free aps I'm finding on the web as this is rare but documented. However, I'm wondering if somehow the master HDD affected the slave on the same ribbon. Is this possible? If it is, I should make them both masters and buy a card for my optical drives...seems like a huge hassle.

  zoobie 00:14 24 Jul 2007

Further research reveals little as to the cause. As someone wrote, they just don't know what causes this to happen. Among the suspects include power outages/surges, viruses, video editing aps, etc.

However, I've since learned not to store a darn thing on HDD's. I'll be using HDD's of course to edit video but afterwards, be sending the finished production immediately to digital tape or data disks.

I've also learned that, thanks to HDD's failing all the time, there's a huge industry out there more than willing to help you recover lost data for a price.

Some pay utilities to help you recover from this blurp include NTFS Partition Recovery, Disk Doctor, R-Studio, and Partition Magic 8.01

Free utilities include Zero Assumption Recovery and Slax (Linux that runs in the cd tray).


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