XP does not resume from standby

  Squeals 14:45 22 Sep 2004

I have an Evesham Axis 2800 system running XP (SP1 installed not SP2 yet). Each time I attempt to go into "standby" whether by clicking on "start" or using "power management" options it goes in fine but does not come out OK.

Essentially I get a normal screen but the system just freezes and will not unlock until I reboot (hold power button in for several seconds).

Start up programs are Sophos anti-virus and Zonealarm. Hibernate seems OK.

Would prefer to use standby to save me keep switching off - lazy I know!

Can anyone help?

Squeals :-)

  SANTOS7 16:33 22 Sep 2004

click here this will help,good luck

  Squeals 21:07 22 Sep 2004

Thanks Santos

Not sure if this answers the question or not!! My mouse and keyboard are wireless/optical Microsoft equipment connecting via a USB adapter plug into the PS2 ports.

ALso the knowledgebase article seems to be effetively saying "tough - you move the mouse or touch the keyboard and it's gonna hang!" Usual lack of effort on MS part to actual;ly resolve an issue seems to me.

Thanks for pointing me in that direction though. I'll try a standby using only the keyboard and see if this avoids any inadvertent mouse inputs. If no joy then have to assume it's something else.

I'll leave the thread live for the moment - just in case.

  Dorsai 21:13 22 Sep 2004

My PC is the same, And i have not got a USB mouse, or a USB keyboard.

It goes into standby, but wont un-standby.

I just made sure it never goes into standby..

Have just SP2'd...

Will see if it helps solve the problem.

  LANDCRUISER 00:04 23 Sep 2004

i to get this problem with my pc all i have to do is press a button,so i do not move anything at all,so i think it must be M/SOFT CRACKING UP AGAIN

  Squeals 09:29 23 Sep 2004

Nice to know I'm not alone with the useless Standby feature!!

Tried last night to go into standby using keyboard rather than mouse and still got locked up - although this time I couldn't even get my desktop back!!

Keep us all posted on how you get on with SP2 Dorsai! I get the feeling the jury is still out on this one and am waiting till a) they're back in and come in with a better majority vote and b) I've got enough time on my hands to sort out any problems should I install (say about a week!).

Thanks once again to all respondees. Will close this thread 'cos it looks like it's dear old Microsoft and if I wait for a solution from them the thread should stay open for at least another 2 years.


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