XP discs & new computers

  grainish 19:01 13 Feb 2004

I have just bought myself a new lap top with windows XP home. XP is on a hidden partition on the hard drive. My desk top computer ran windows 98se.

My problem is this how do I get driver files which are needed for my printer, (HP cp1700 which is an A3 printer) New drivers downloaded but needs files from XP disc. Also I wanted to set up the laptop to send & receive faxes again the same problem.

Do I have to spend out again for a retail copy of XP.

Thanks in advance for your help


  Cesar 10:01 15 Feb 2004

The first thing you should is to contact the retailer where you bought your computer and ask where is the Recovery Disc, you will need this for printer drivers and the Fax console. the Fax console is listed in Control Panel under Printers and Faxes.

  TommyRed 10:52 15 Feb 2004

As Cesar said my XP home came with a recovery disk and a drivers disk.HTH TR

  Falkyrn 11:11 15 Feb 2004

Although Microsoft make it possible for manufacturers to supply a system recovery disc or some means to create a system recovery disc from the installed files not all manufacturers avail themselves of this option.

Some others also charge for such a recovery disc e.g. Time .... the best option would be to connect to the manufacturers web sites for the various devisces and download the latest drivers

  Falkyrn 11:12 15 Feb 2004

should have read the original post ..... what files are required from XP Disc ?

  grainish 21:25 15 Feb 2004

Thanks for the replies have been busy today and only just logged on.

Have managed to get the printer working, when I tried to load the drivers again it all went ok and the files it was looking for had been downloaded. (if all else fails read the book).

The laptop is a Packard Bell from Dixons. If you want to restore windows you have to run a prog that is on the hard drive to access the hidden partition on the hard drive. So if the HD fails.........I will worry about that then.

looking in the book you seem to get a choice between a destructive or non destructive backup. It does not appear to have an option to extract files.

When I click on the fax symbol In control panel an error message comes up “please insert XP disc” So I assume that Packard bell assume that there computers will not be used as a fax machine.

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