XP disc manager

  fstr 09:50 13 Sep 2005

Have installed a 200g drive as slave bios & windowsxp recognise it but not my computer does not, from research need to use disc manager to give it a drive letter. How do i enter disc manager please

  ventanas 09:53 13 Sep 2005

Right-Click My Computer, choose Manage and then Disc Management. You may need to format it from within DM. You can choose a letter at the same time. To format just right-click and choose format.

  fstr 10:02 13 Sep 2005

Thanks ventanas i found disc manager selected disc changed to dynamic. Disc is online but unallocated not sure what to do next.

  ventanas 10:10 13 Sep 2005

May I ask exactly why you chose dynamic. A basic disc is fine for normal use. You would normally only see dynamic discs in servers. By the way, if you ever want to change it back to basic in the future the process is very simple, but totally destructive. All data will be lost. I would decide now before you put anything importnat on it. For more info on the differences click here

My advice, change it back to basic (right click and choose convert to basic disc), then right-click the unallocated space and choose format, give it a drive letter when asked and let it run through the process.

  ventanas 10:12 13 Sep 2005

Forgot to add, when formatting you will be asked for the file system, I assume XP so would advise ntfs.

  fstr 10:14 13 Sep 2005

Thanks again ventanas have gone back to simple disc now formating

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