XP and Digi camera probs..

  big staff 10:51 15 Jul 2003

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong.I've just up'd from 98se to XP pro and can't get my Fujifilm Axia 1x 100 camera installed. XP accepted the drivers from the disc but when I plug the camera in it's not recognised. When the add new hardware wizard starts it offers a choice of a handfull of cameras but not mine. Does this mean I have to buy one of the cameras listed in the wizard. I hope not as this one was a pressy just last year. Thanks for any help.

  billyliv 12:46 15 Jul 2003

Hi, You dont say if you put the driver disc into your CD/Rom during the New Hardware wizard set up. If not, try it that way. Cheers, Bill

  Jester2K II 12:50 15 Jul 2003

Plug the camera in, when the wizard appears click "have disk" and find the folder on the CD with the drivers.

  big staff 12:51 15 Jul 2003

Yes that went in first and gave me the impression that they had loaded ok.

  anchor 13:02 15 Jul 2003

How often we hear about problems like this.

I would suggest you resolve your difficulties by getting a USB XP card reader. Sevendayshop have one for £10, and another for £15.

click here

  Jester2K II 13:04 15 Jul 2003

anchor - why?? There is a simple cash free solution to this somewhere.

big staff - did you switch the camera on? Mine needs to be plugged and then switched on before it get recognised.

  Jester2K II 13:06 15 Jul 2003

Hang on - just re-read this.

Can you re-run through the exact order you did things??

Did you install the drivers first or plug the camera in first?

Once the camera is on what happens??

  big staff 13:14 15 Jul 2003

Guys, I've sussed it. Although the drivers were loaded for some reason XP would'nt connect to the camera. So I ended up in something called device manager. There was a question mark against the imaging device. I right clicked on this and it said not working as no drivers, click here to update drivers. Bear in mind I had loaded the drivers earlier from the cd rom I did it again from here. Success!! Thanks for your responses.

  anchor 13:37 15 Jul 2003

Glad all is resolved.

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